Tyler, the Creator’s “IGOR” is Music Evolution

Tyler, the Creator’s “IGOR” is Music Evolution

Rapper and Loiter Squad star, Tyler, the Creator has released his new album, “IGOR,” almost 2 years after his last project, “Flower Boy.” Is this Tyler’s best work yet?

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Former leader of the rap collective, Odd Future, and owner of the clothing brand, “Golf Wang,” Tyler, the Creator, has just released his most ambitious project yet with his album, “IGOR” (Igor). This is Tyler’s first album he released since the critically acclaimed 2017 album, “Flower Boy,” which received a Grammy nomination that year for Best Rap Album, losing to Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.” However, don’t go into this expecting to hear a pure rap album. The 12-track Igor borders on the spectrum between Hip-Hop and R&B.

Regarding the album’s title, it seems that Igor is a character that represents Tyler’s true feelings and thoughts that he’s bottled up in the past. And with the release of this album, it seems that Tyler decided to unleash this persona in his music and this has helped give the album a certain style and personality that is very likeable. Unlike Tyler’s previous albums, Igor seems to be the closest he’s come to creating a full-blown concept album, although there’s no ongoing storyline, most of the tracks share very similar themes.

From a production standpoint, this album towers above his previous albums. He decided to be the executive producer for all the beats on the album and in some cases where that can hurt an artist, it only adds to the album’s greatness. Tyler has really evolved his sound and has taken his production level up a notch, possibly rivaling Kanye West’s at this point in his career. He uses beat-switches in the album, but he doesn’t abuse them and even the staple instruments that Tyler loves to use in his music, like pianos and keyboards, sound sharper and more crisp and cohesive. Not to mention, Tyler has also really taken a step forward in the way he mixes synth chords and drum patterns with his low vocal range when singing (which isn’t bad at all in this album).

The album’s opening track, “IGOR’S THEME” is mostly instrumental, but it’s such a powerful opener that it’ll make the listeners want to stay and experience what Tyler’s message on the album will be. After about 20 seconds of just a long synth chord, this odd, yet appealing, drum pattern kicks in and from that point you know Tyler is going to have something to say and you don’t want to miss it. It’s a beautiful song that uses so many instruments and different sounds, while featuring rapper, “Lil Uzi Vert” singing a few lines of the same phrase. The track ends in what can be described as a spectacle of sound with the gospel-like piano chords and keyboard refrains within the song and the odd time signature pattern that the drums have been playing throughout the song. At this point, I was hungry for more of what the album had to offer and it didn’t disappoint (nowhere near disappointment if I’m being honest).

Other standout tracks within Igor include “EARFQUAKE,” “WHATSGOOD,” and “NEW MAGIC WAND.” Earfquake is a much more light-hearted sounding track with a whimsical-sounding piano key playing throughout the song. In the track, Tyler seems to show regret for how he handled a past relationship and wants to get another chance with that person. Whatsgood is a more traditional sounding rap song where Tyler seems to be rapping about the people who’ve doubted him and how he’s overcome a lot of obstacles. However, the track ends with a line, which echoes the sentiments of Earfquake, that says, “I don’t know what’s harder, letting go or being okay with it.”

Finally, New Magic Wand is another great track that again uses odd, low synth chords and drum patterns, but features Tyler singing and rapping a few lines. These lines reference Tyler’s heartbreak that he’s been feeling about the same person he talked about in Earfquake. He can’t get this person out of his head and he knows he needs to move on or these feelings will hurt him in the long run. It even opens up with  spoken line saying, “Sometimes you gotta close a door to open a window,” which is an obvious metaphor to the track’s main theme.

As mentioned before, this is Tyler’s most ambitious project. Tyler adds a new layer to his ever-evolving persona and writes it in the form of the character, Igor. It’s an album that explores themes of Tyler’s sexuality, heartbreak, self-loathing, and recovery. These were some similar themes explored in “Flower Boy,” but for Igor, Tyler fully embraces these themes and concepts and has delivered his best album to date.

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Rapper and Loiter Squad star, Tyler, the Creator has released his new album, “IGOR,” almost 2 years after his last project, “Flower Boy.” Is this Tyler’s best work yet?

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