The Politics and Realities of Dining in D.C.

Do politics intrude on our lives too much?

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We see political figures of the United States on our televisions, trending on Twitter, and if you live in Washington D.C: Going out for dinner. Political figures are confronted every day on various social media platforms and in press conferences. What happens when a politician walks into a restaurant? Sounds like the beginning of a joke.

According to The Daily Beast, the Education Secretary of The White House, Betsy DeVos is often seated in restaurant where no one can see her. This is done strategically as some restaurants do not want to seem politically affiliated with their political customer. DeVos understands this and is seated in a back corner.

According to an anonymous restaurateur the back corner is ideal, because Secret Service agents prefer having multiple exits.

Stephen Miller, who is The White House Senior Advisor, demands that he be seated in the main dining area with the general public. While dining he was approached by a restaurant owner who employees immigrants.

“I told him that I was worried that his policy, the speech that he was writing for the president, would hurt small businesses,” the owner said. “My restaurant wouldn’t be open if we didn’t have immigrants.” According to The Daily Beast, Miller politely listened but never returned to that restaurant.

To be honest, I am not sure what I would do if I saw someone in politics sitting at my favorite restaurant. I would probably keep on eating my food.

Hermain Cain, who served as a former presidential Federal Reserve governor, often ordered the same thing while working at the Wharf’s InterContinental hotel: rounds of Crown Royal. According to a bartender named Zac Hoffman “He wasn’t belligerent. He wasn’t an asshole. He wasn’t making a fool of himself. He just really like Crown Royal, and he handles it like a champion.” Hoffman also stated that “It got to be impressive.”

The Trump family is always welcomed at The Trump Hotel. President Trump is often greeted with a standing ovation as he enters the dining area. According to The Daily Beast, he is seated every single time at a round booth that is right next to the mezzanine stairwell. This table is not available for others, expect the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump and the Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Trump’s dinner consists of a shrimp cocktail and a well-done boneless steak paired with French fries. Contrary to popular belief, President Trump does not eat his steak with ketchup. After his meal, he often tips $5 or $10.

While most of these experiences are pleasant for these politicians Ivanka Trump was approached outside of her stall in the woman’s restroom while on a date with Jared Kushner at Masserie. Ivanka was exiting a stall and met with flashes from the cellphones of the women who followed her in there. According to The Washingtonian Ivanka, “did a curtsy for the women, threw her arm around one for a couple of selfies, and walked back to her table as if it were no big deal.”

While The Obamas haven’t been in The White House for about two years now, they are “still considered Washington’s ultimate VIPs,” and they stated that Michelle Obama is their number one guest.

Dining next to politicians whether they are your favorite politician or not certainly their presence brings about a conversation to remember.

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Do politics intrude on our lives too much?

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