The New Instagram Fad

The New Instagram Fad

Apparently, people pose for photos at luxury furniture stores for Instagram. Have you ever gone somewhere just for a photo?

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Social media is a great tool to help promote your business and attract customers if you are the one controlling the content. But it’s hard to predict that the platform could have been used to help your business without any of your doing.

Take the new trend on Instagram, for example. It’s seemingly become a fad for Instagrammer to go to luxury furniture stores and pose for pictures to share with their followers.

Stores known for their interior design attract specific groups of people solely for photography, and from that, they will get an influx of traffic.

“Instagram’s probably increased our business more than any other platform,” says Michael Johnston, manager for lighting company Foscarini’s SoHo showroom. “People come in and ask for lights they’ve seen on Instagram.”

“If before there was only one architectural point of view, today there is the ‘cellphone’ point of view: Everyone wants to photograph everything, not only using the phone as a visual memory, but also to communicate emotion,” says celebrated Milan-based designer Ferruccio Laviani, who works closely with Foscarini to promote interactive spaces.

And you may think those store owners may not appreciate this “circus.” But it’s quite the contrary, as they welcome it actually.

“I love the enjoyment people get from the lust of the experience, and the egalitarian quality of sharing images,” says Robin Standefer, who with her husband, Stephen Alesch, opened furniture store Roman and Williams Guild, known for its interior design.

And it doesn’t hurt that it gets them extra publicity. In fact, some places include pop-ups, showroom walls with specific hashtags, etc. solely to lure in Instagrammers.

“Instagram’s just blowing up. It’s an amazing design tool,” says Lindsey Bischoff Schaefer, director of US sales for Ochre, a British company specializing in furniture, lighting, and accessories.

“It’s great, because you get information so quickly, but it’s also challenging, because you feel this immense pressure to constantly come out with new photos, new angles, new lights.” You can read more about this story on the New York Post.

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Apparently, people pose for photos at luxury furniture stores for Instagram. Have you ever gone somewhere just for a photo?

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