Chase Bank’s Attempt at Humor and Motivation Gone Wrong

Chase Bank posted a ‘motivational’ Tweet, telling customers to stop splurging on coffee and cabs, sparking outrage. Was this really tone deaf?

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A recent tweet from JP Morgan Chase was apparently supposed to be a funny attempt to give their customers #MondayMotivation, but took a turn and instead put them in hot water and drew the fury of many.

The tweet, which is now deleted, was an imaginary conversation between the customer and the bank account for their “Monday Motivation.”

“You: why is my balance so low

Bank account: make coffee at home

Bank account: eat the food that’s already in the fridge

Bank account: you don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks

You: I guess we’ll never know

Bank account: seriously?”

Of course, the promoting of penny-pinching did not sit well, drawing backlash from regular citizens, all the way to high-level politicians.

One was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who condemned the tweet in a Twitter thread of hers:

“The myth that bad credit or struggling w bills = irresponsibility is a heinous myth.”

“Paying people less than what’s needed to live is what’s actually irresponsible.” 

“GDP + costs are rising, wages are not. That doesn’t mean YOU’RE bad. It means working people are set up to fail.”

She continued:

“It’s a big part of what makes this Chase tweet so bad.”

“It’s the idea that if you choose to have any expense beyond mere animalistic survival – an iced coffee, a cab after a 18hr shift on your feet – you deserve suffering, eviction, or skipped medicine. “

“You don’t. Nobody does.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who has become known as a massive critic of the country’s biggest banks, was another top politician to speak out, responding with her own tweet which imitated the conversation style of Chase Bank’s original tweet:

“@Chase: why aren’t customers saving money?

Taxpayers: we lost our jobs/homes/savings but gave you a $25b bailout

Workers: employers don’t pay living wages

Economists: rising costs + stagnant wages = 0 savings

Chase: guess we’ll never know

Everyone: seriously?”

California Rep. Kim Porter tweeted out at the institution writing, “Hey @Chase, try paying your workers more. Families aren’t spending frivolously; they’re trying to pay rent.”

This comes after JP Morgan was in Congress last month, facing off with Porter, as she shared a story of a Chase employee who is $560 in the red each month after paying for rent, food, and childcare.

Twitter user @kellyawallace wrote out, “Hey, @Chase, why’d you delete this tweet where you tried to flex on poor people after taking a $12 billion dollar bailout?”

Many of the responses were quick to bring up Chase getting bailed out from the government via taxpayer money back during the 2008 economic crisis.

The bank responded via Twitter, tweeting, “Our #MondayMotivation is to get better at #MondayMotivation tweets. Thanks for the feedback Twitter world.” You can read more about this story on CNN.

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Chase Bank posted a ‘motivational’ Tweet, telling customers to stop splurging on coffee and cabs, sparking outrage. Was this really tone deaf?

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