Bachelorettes! There’s a New Party Capital

Looks like there’s a new bachelorette capital: Nashville. Where would you rather go?

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Las Vegas has long been the unofficial capital of bachelor and bachelorette parties, but that title may slowly be fading away.

Initially known for being the country music capital of the world, Nashville has seen a rise in popularity and traffic for these sorts of engagements to the point that we may soon have to rephrase the infamous slogan to “what happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville.”

The city has merged country music and partying into one to give visitors a unique experience they can’t find elsewhere. People say there’s a certain openness to the city that makes it so attractive- one with a boatload of energy, giving it a combination that is hard to beat, making it a refreshing change of pace from Vegas.

“It feels really local and you can walk around, and feel safe down on Broadway,” says local salon owner, Leslie Embry. “Statistically, we now host a greater volume of bachelorette parties than Las Vegas does. Las Vegas does more money each year in bachelor and bachelorette parties,” local business owner Ryan Budden says.

And the only reason Nashville makes less than Vegas is that it’s a much cheaper alternative, which is another appealing feature.

There are plenty of things to do as a group when you get there. Perhaps the most unique thing you can find and should do to get the full “Nashville experience,” is to take a ride on one of the party vehicles the city has to offer.

One option would be the Party Barge, which was started by Ray Smitherman. He is an aspiring country songwriter, but his business has picked up so much that he’s needed to shift his priorities towards it.

What it essentially is, is a pontoon boat on wheels. You can book two-hour stints from anytime between 9 a.m.- 11 p.m., and you will get a tour of the city while your group gets to relax and drink alcohol on the boat that is being carried by an elongated and lowered pickup truck.

And the tour will show you around the primary bar scene in the city, which starts and stops with Broadway.

Broadway is the downtown area of Nashville, where the biggest parties and gatherings usually take place. There are honky-tonks and live country music all-around and never a dull moment.

Along with the Party Barge, there are river cruise offerings that will show you around the city while you drink. And of course, the party bikes.

The party bikes seat around 16 people and include a driver/DJ, personal bartender, electric assist motor, souvenir cup, party lights. All you have to do is bring the alcohol and keep pedaling like on an actual bike. And while doing that, you will get a tour of the city’s downtown.

So, the next time you and a group of friends are planning a getaway trip or bachelor/bachelorette party, considering visiting Nashville! You can read more about this story on CNN.

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Looks like there’s a new bachelorette capital: Nashville. Where would you rather go?

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