A Diet That Is Defying All Belief

A Diet That Is Defying All Belief

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We have been told our entire lives that fruits and vegetables are healthy, so we must make them a significant part of our diet- at worst, half our food intake. In addition, we have also been taught that red meat isn’t the best for you; thus we should limit our consumption of it.

However, a 44-year-old mother from California is defying all findings and logic by reminding us that exceptions exist for (almost) everything.

When Nicole Carter was 18, she became a full-on vegan, cutting out alcohol, sugar, and meat, and replacing it all with whole foods, leafy greens, berries, and freshly squeezed juices, etc.

‘I roasted my sweet potatoes, rinsed my quinoa to remove saponins,’ she said. ‘I made dehydrated crackers out of flaxseeds, my own veggie burgers, and nut milks.

‘I ate brown rice instead of white to get more fiber, mostly leafy greens such as kale, chard, and rocket and I cooked greens as well. I avoided wheat. I consumed juices made freshly daily. I ate fresh berries.’

‘I ate as much as I could organic or grown from my yard and spent most of my days preparing all this stuff, growing it in my garden, or shopping at farm stands and natural markets… I took vitamins, I never ate sugar, and I didn’t drink alcohol.’

One would think that she would be in perfect health by sticking to this routine, setting herself up for a long, vigorous life without any serious issues. However, that was not the case, as she ended her veganism after 15 years.

In addition to candida overgrowth, hair loss, joint pain, fatigue and insomnia, Ms. Carter developed anxiety, constipation, and digestive issues.

And during the fall of 2012, she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is inflammation of the bowels.

‘My blood tests showed almost non-existent levels of iron and Vitamin D…. I was hypoglycemic [when you have low blood sugar]. I had chronic constipation, gas, bloating and eventually ulcerative colitis.’

‘I had insomnia at night and no energy all day – I didn’t drink coffee, only organic green tea. I was depressed, had anxiety and felt lost as to how to improve my health.’

Then just last year, she read about a controversial-at-best carnivore diet which was a complete 180-degree turn from her earlier vegan days.

Instead of starting her days with a green spinach smoothie with almond milk, and salads or steamed vegetables for the rest of the day, she now begins with coffee, and has her first meal during lunch, which is usually a pound of red meat.

Then for dinner, she would have another half-pound of red meat, potentially adding on eggs and bacon.

‘My immune system crashed, and my hormones were not functioning properly, and I had all sorts of health problems.’

‘I was curious if it would cure my autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis,’ Ms. Carter said. ‘My health is better, my gut, my energy, and my mood.’ ‘It is the elimination of all plant and non-animal foods. There are varying degrees, but most carnivores focus on beef and ruminant animals and add in pork, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy to some degree.’

The health benefits from this diet have been puzzling. This type of high-meat, low-to-no-vegetable diet is seemingly unhealthy, according to dietary experts, because it lacks the essential minerals and vitamins your body needs while filling it with chemicals it doesn’t.

Carter is eating 468 grams of red meat every day, which is well above the recommended limit- you want to eat at most, about a hamburger-a-weeks’ worth.

Researchers have found links between red meat and heart disease. Their studies have shown red meat eaters to produce more of a chemical called TMAO, which has been shown to raise heart disease risk, in sharp contrast to those who stick to white meat or are full vegetarian. Thus, in one study, red meat eaters were asked to cut out red meat from their diet for a month, and it led to lowered TMAO levels.

And according to a global commission of 37 experts in nutrition, agriculture, economics, health, and government, the ideal diet is a 2,500 calorie-per-day, plant-based, low in meat, saturated fat, and sugar regime, which would help lower rates of the world’s two biggest killers: heart disease and cancer.

But apparently, Carter is defying everything we’ve found and been taught. She feels better than she ever has and has even dropped over ten pounds in weight and her digestive condition, ulcerative colitis, which she was diagnosed with in 2012, is now gone.

‘I no longer have any of the annoying symptoms or problems I had before… I am so grateful for what I have learned that got me here.’ You can read more about this story on the Daily Mirror.

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What’s your diet of choice?

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