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Would you want to stay in Rockefeller Plaza in NYC? It will soon be bookable through Airbnb.

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New York City is and always has been a major tourist attraction for people outside of the U.S. as well as within the country. However, because of its popularity, it may be hard to find (affordable) places to stay while visiting the ‘Big Apple.’ According to Travel and Leisure, the legendary Rockefeller Center will soon acquire Airbnb’s for tourists to stay in while venturing through the five boroughs.

Rockefeller Center is reportedly teaming up with the real estate company, RXR Realty, in order to make 10 floors of their building available on Airbnb for booking. RXR Realty is one of New York’s largest and most successful real estate companies and according to the website, they have property investments that are valued at about $16.1 billion. The company also reported that they currently have 2,600 residential units under operation and 3,700 other units under development that are dedicated to multi-family and for-sale residents.

RXR does have their cache and partnering with Rockefeller brings about the possibility of even more tourism to the city; possibly even affordable tourism for that matter. It’s a big step for Rockefeller Center, considering it’s one of the major tourist attractions in the city. It was ranked by Planet Ware as the third best attraction behind only Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. During the holiday season, a giant Christmas Tree is stood up in front of the building along with an ice rink for tourists and visitors to skate on. This is just one reason that makes New York City such a popular place to visit.

New York City alone garnered 65.1 million visitors (record-high) in 2018, according to NYC and Company for their 2018 overview numbers. Most of the visitation numbers came from domestic tourists (51.5 million) and the rest of the visitation numbers were derived from international tourists (13.6 million). The report also concludes that domestic and international visitation rose about 3.7% and 3.6% respectively from 2017 to 2018. It also went on to say that 2018 marked New York City as the most popular tourist destination for international visitors.

The partnership between the two companies could be a landmark for tourism around the U.S. and maybe even around the world. If more iconic buildings or sites open up their properties to Airbnb’s, it may change just how people begin to travel or go sightseeing.

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Would you want to stay in Rockefeller Plaza in NYC? It will soon be bookable through Airbnb.

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