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Italian chefs aren’t messing around, so don’t make any “obscene requests” at the risk of getting an aggressive response.

Take the experience of one individual in his trip to the highly regarded Maximo Italian Bistrot in the London district of Kennington for instance.

Maximo has received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence three times, but that didn’t stop them from receiving a one-star review because of what ultimately boiled down to the chef’s passion for food.

The review comes from the username Zwelitheni M and is titled “The service in this place is second only to cow dung.” He wrote:

“Ordered the crab ravioli in a cream salmon sauce,” he wrote. “Halfway through the meal, I felt like the dish needed a little something. So I asked the waiter for some Parmesan cheese and he sort of gave me a bewildered look […] He literally refused to give me the Parmesan, stating you do not put Parmesan on any seafood because it would take away the flavor. When I explained that I wanted it because I liked my cream dishes cheesy, he repeated himself and walked away.”

The owner, Massimo Donato, found the review online and labeled Zwelitheni’s request as an obscene one in his now-deleted response.

“There are a few rules on the authentic Cucina Italiana you probably aren’t aware,” he wrote. “NEVER ask for pineapple on pizza. NEVER put cream on your Carbonara. NEVER ask for any Alfredo pasta (who is Alfredo anyway?). NEVER put chicken on arrabbiata, and last but not least, NEVER NEVER EVER ASK FOR CHEESE ON A FISH DISH.”

He concluded with, “Try Parmesan on cow dung, it should taste fine for you.”

This really makes the meaning of the “Right to Refuse Service to Anyone” sign a literal one, but whether it extends to situations like these is unclear.

Nonetheless, there appears to be an informal ban on pairing cheese with seafood, and it’s one that Italian chefs take to heart.

The origin of it is uncertain, but it’s believed a significant reason why is that cheese can override the flavor of seafood. But there are other potential reasons for it.

“For many centuries, meat and dairy consumption were forbidden for religious reasons on every Friday,” chef and cheesemonger Nora Singley wrote. “On that day, fish became the logical replacement for meat, and since cheese was also restricted, the two foods evolved distinctly from one another. A possible explanation.”

Another is that back in the day, the areas of Italy known for cheese were nowhere near coastlines, so when they developed recipes, seafood never came to mind.

Whatever the case, the moral of the story is to not mess with Italian chefs. You can read more about this story on Vice.

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