President Trump & Otto Warmbier’s Release Payment

National Security Adviser John Bolton confirmed, Trump admin agreed to pay North Korea $2 million for the release of mortally injured Otto Warmbier. Do you feel deceived?

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After their two historical summit meetings and optimism towards more peace between the U.S. and North Korea, those relations may have a taken a step back after President Trump tweeted about not paying a cent to have Otto Warmbier, an American college student, returned to the states. According to Daily News, National Security Adviser John Bolton had backed Trump’s claims that the U.S. didn’t have to pay any type of medical bills for Otto Warmbier after a Washington Post report came out claiming that Trump had to pay for Warmbier’s release.

It was also reported that Kim Jong-Un wouldn’t meet up with Trump for their 2018 summit in Singapore until Warmbier’s medical bills were paid for by the U.S. Warmbier had been taken as a prisoner in the totalitarian state after he was accused of stealing propaganda from the country. It was also reported that Warmbier received some type of neurological injury while being imprisoned, and had gone into a coma for about a year and a half. Warmbier never woke up from his coma and eventually died shortly after being returned to the U.S.

President Trump declared in tweets and statements after meeting with Kim during the Summits that he doesn’t feel Kim should be held responsible for the death of Warmbier and his treatment. Warmbier’s parents weren’t pleased with that sentiment and stated that President Trump was trying to make excuses for Kim Jong-Un. It was also reported that Warmbier’s mother stated that the North Korean state was truly a representative of ‘pure evil.’

Warmbier isn’t the first American citizen to be imprisoned in North Korea’s infamous prison camps. According to Time, other Americans that served time in their camps include Kim Hak Song, Tony Kim, and Kim Dong Chul. Song was conducting research and other studies at the country’s private university, Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST), and was arrested while trying to leave the country, but no details have been released about any crime the country believes he committed against them.

The only details stated that officials arrested him for “hostile acts” towards North Korea. Tony Kim also worked at the university as a professor and was arrested under very similar circumstances to Song, who Kim described to Time as a colleague. Kim Dong Chul had been arrested for allegedly committing espionage and was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor.

According to a U.S. Department of State document covering North Korea prison camps, there are 25 known camps among the country. The first camp it mentions, Kaechon (aka Camp 14), is documented as having about 15,000 prisoners who are currently serving life sentences. It’s also reported in the document that many of the prisoners in Kaechon have relatives who are imprisoned in Pukchang (Camp 18).

Prisoners are apparently allowed to live with their families in prison or even start families within the prison and treat it as normal, everyday life. It also reported that it’s very common for civilians who are released from Camp 18 to reside within the camp because they can receive mail and have access to other domestic products, as well as own their own small pieces of land. However, it has also been reported that many of those prisoners have died due to malnutrition , work accidents, diseases and other causes. Anybody that attempts to escape the camp are publicly executed.

Though the three American citizens had returned home in good health- and cited as a good gesture from North Korea to the U.S. following the first summit meeting, there still remains a looming doubt from some of the public about how Trump handled the situation with Otto Warmbier.

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National Security Adviser John Bolton confirmed, Trump admin agreed to pay North Korea $2 million for the release of mortally injured Otto Warmbier. Do you feel deceived?

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