Authorities in Sri Lanka Knew of Bombings

If Sri Lankan authorities were warned more than two weeks before the attacks on churches and luxury hotels why didn’t they stop them?

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It’s been reported by the New York Post that authorities in Sri Lanka apparently were informed about the terrorists who bombed three churches and hotels on Easter Sunday. Apparently, according to authorities, they did not act on the threats because Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe wasn’t informed about it.

The bombings have taken about 290 lives while also injuring about 500 others. It was also reported that there were American citizens among those killed in the attacks- in fact there were two people who held dual-citizenship with the U.S. and U.K. There are also victims who held citizenship within the India, Portugal, Turkey and China.

Authorities have also taken 24 suspects into custody and arrested seven people. They’ve also released the identity of one of the bombers involved in the attack. Mohamed Azzam Mohamed was the name one the bomber used when he checked into the Cinnamon Grand hotel. He apparently claimed that he was staying at the hotel on business.

It’s believed that the attacks are in connection with radical Islamists who committed the attacks by strapping bombs to their body and setting them off at the various locations. Authorities haven’t stated if these attacks were over religious beliefs, but they did state that two of the churches attacked were predominantly Catholic and Zion churches, respectively. According to World Atlas, only 9.7% of the country practices the Islamic religion while an even smaller percentage (6.3%) practices the Catholic religion and another .1% practice other beliefs.

Sri Lanka is no stranger to conflict that involves religion or terrorist-like attacks upon the public. For about 30 years, according to Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the country’s military and authorities constantly fought off the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a minority ethnic group within the country that wanted their own land and liberation. To be able to achieve that goal, the LTTE was willing to send a message through attacking and killing military personnel or attacking religious areas like Buddhist temples (the main religion in Sri Lanka). It was so infamous that the U.S. added the LTTE to its terror list in 1997.

The LTTE have been brought up in some reports, but there’s no definitive evidence that ties the LTTE to these recent attacks.

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If Sri Lankan authorities were warned more than two weeks before the attacks on churches and luxury hotels why didn’t they stop them?

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