Lori Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty…

Lori Loughlin pleaded not guilty in the college admissions scandal. What would you do?

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Full House star, Lori Loughlin, and her husband Mossimo Giannulli decided to plead not guilty on charges of the admission scam that has made headlines for weeks, according to CNN. Loughlin and Giannulli are facing these charges after it was revealed that they donated about $500,000 to the former University of Southern California admissions counselor, Rick Singer, in the guise of a charity foundation. Singer had apparently strung along over 50 other parents in the scandal which has seen over two dozen parents being indicted on charges of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

After the university had learned about the scandal, there were reports that USC was willing to retract any degrees that students had earned if Singer had falsely admitted them into the program. Students that were being admitted for the upcoming school year have had their records put on hold while USC is trying to figure out how to clear their reputation.

Loughlin’s daughters had allegedly been admitted to the university as rowing recruits, but both have never been involved with the sport. The coach of the rowing team admitted to helping them get into the school with help from Singer. It was reported that Loughlin’s daughters were both very upset about the situation.

Loughlin isn’t the only celebrity mixed up in this fiasco, as Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives, Transamerica), also paid Singer to enroll her daughter into the school. Huffman had reportedly paid Singer $15,000 in order to get someone to take her daughter’s SAT for her, which resulted in a high score and admission into USC. Unlike Loughlin, Huffman pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and is apparently facing up to a year of supervised release and a $20,000 fine. Along with Huffman are 13 other parents who pleaded guilty in order to get a lesser sentence, which the jury has recommended be between 12 – 18 months of supervised release and varying fines.

Due to the severity of this scandal, Loughlin’s contracts and ties with Fuller House and Hallmark Channel have been terminated, according to TMZ. There have also been reports from Page Six that Loughlin is shocked by the backlash she and her husband have received amid the rise of this scandal. CNN also reported that Loughlin and her husband face up to 20 years of federal prison time if the jury decides to indict them.

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Lori Loughlin pleaded not guilty in the college admissions scandal. What would you do?

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