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A Sandlot TV series is in the works with the original characters coming back. Would you want to see this?

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The Sandlot is a longtime fan-favorite with a large cult following that has placed itself among the lure of all-sports movies, which makes the news of the film receiving a TV series sequel music to many ears.

Whether you enjoy baseball or not, The Sandlot is a classic film. In addition to the nostalgic vibes surrounding the film, it’s easy to see why so many people are excited about the reboot. The 1993 film was written and directed by David Mickey Evans and grossed just over $33 million on a $7 million budget.

It starred Mike Vitar (Benjamin “Benny” Franklin Rodriguez), Patrick Renna (Hamilton “Ham” Porter), Tom Guiry (Scotty Smalls) Chauncey Leopardi (Michael “Squints” Palledorous), Victor DiMattia (Timmy Timmons), Marty York (Alan “Yeah-Yeah” McClennan), Shane Obedzinski (Tommy “Repeat” Timmons), Grant Gelt (Bertram Grover Weeks), and Brandon Quintin Adams (Kenny DeNunez), Denis Leary, James Earl Jones, and Karen Allen.

It follows Scottie Smalls who, “after moving to a new neighborhood in 1962, befriends a group of boys who play baseball at the sandlot and get into a series of touching adventures.”

The TV show is being produced by Evans expected to take place in 1984 and follow the original cast and their characters all grown up around the age of 33, with each having children.

Beyond that, the synopsis of the show is unknown. Whether it builds off from the specific endings, each character received in the movie, who knows? Will they focus on the original cast’s parenting, while their children are the ones picking up a glove and bat? Even the number of seasons and season length and unknown.

During a recent interview on The Rain Delay Podcast, Evans announced that he was nearing a two-season deal with an unknown streaming service.

It will be a 20th Century Fox production, but with the merger between Fox and Disney, the expectation is that the show will be a part of the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. You can read more about this story on Bustle.

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A Sandlot TV series is in the works with the original characters coming back. Would you want to see this?

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