Heinz Presents Cadbury Crème Egg Mayonnaise Just in Time For Easter

Heinz has come out with a Cadbury Crème Egg mayo in London. Would you try this?

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Easter is just around the corner and so is something you wouldn’t normally expect.

When you think Easter, you might naturally think, “Oh, yeah, it’s time for those delicious little Cadbury Crème Eggs again!” But would you think that perhaps you should take one of those cute little chocolate treats, unwrap it, and mix it up with some, say, mayonnaise? Probably not. However, this is exactly what Heinz was thinking. According to Bustle, the chocolate brand and Heinz have come together to bring Heinz [Seriously] Good Cadbury Creme Egg Mayo.

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

Bustle informs, “As reported by Metro, Heinz [Seriously] Good Cadbury Creme Egg Mayo will be very limited edition and will be featured later this month at a Heinz x Cadbury Creme Egg pop-up in London.” “According to Metro, the new condiment combines Heinz mayo with Cadbury Creme Egg filling, crème pâtissière, and pieces of Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate shell.”

“The publication points out that Heinz was inspired by its chocolate mayonnaise ‘announcement’ last year, which actually was an April Fools’ joke,” Bustle informs.

According to The Independent, a Heinz spokesperson had expressed total confidence in the idea of chocolate mayo, “It’s hard to improve on perfection, but we think we might have done it. Mayonnaise? Seriously good! Chocolate? Really good! Chocolate Mayonnaise? Scrumptious perfection!”

So, what does Heinz suggest we try spreading this new Cadbury Crème Mayo concoction on? Hamburger buns? Hotdog buns? Our next sandwich we pack for lunch? This subject raises a lot of questions for the consumer. Here’s the answer that Bustle provides for our wandering minds: “The company suggested using it in cake recipes, and the logic on that point — that cakes contain oil and eggs, anyway — was the most convincing part.” Bustle throws a few more pointers our way, “Heinz says the mayo could be used on waffles or crumpets.” Very interesting. Don’t get too excited though, the product will not be on grocery store shelves.

Happy Easter.

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Heinz has come out with a Cadbury Crème Egg mayo in London. Would you try this?

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