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Two people died at the Grand Canyon and one of them was taking photos. Should taking photos be banned at these tourist sites?

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In May of last year, man perished after being attacked by an injured bear. One tourist from Japan slipped and fell down the stairs of the Taj Mahal and passed away in the local hospital due to the head injuries accumulated.

A Polish college student visiting Sevilla, Spain fell from the Puente de Triana bridge to her death. A man reportedly fell off a waterfall in Zhejiang, eastern China, and died. An Indian college student fell 60 feet off a rock and to his death.

What do these all have in common? They all happened while the victim was attempting to take a selfie. And recently, two more names have been added to that list.

During an eight-day stretch between the end of March and beginning of April, there have been three deaths at the Grand Canyon, with two of them being due to falling.

The first victim was found in forested area according to Vanessa Ceja-Cervantes, a spokeswoman for the Grand Canyon National Park.

The second victim was a man in his late 50’s from Hong Kong who was part of a tourist group visiting the Eagle Point observation area at Grand Canyon West. He fell almost 1,000 feet near the infamous Skywalk.

The third was a 67-year-old man who fell around a week ago, reportedly near the Yavapai Geology Museum, which is located on the South Rim in Grand Canyon Village. His body was found 400 feet below the rim and the fall is still being investigated.

“The thoughts and prayers of every Grand Canyon West employee remain with the loved ones of this individual and the members of the tour group,” the tourist destination said in a statement.

These are examples of how you can never be too cautious and why tourist attractions such as the Grand Canyon National Park must put up additional signs prompting visitors to be cautious when taking pictures and watch where they walk, even though one would think a few signs would be enough.

In 2018, the Grand Canyon drew a record-breaking 6.4 million guests and saw 17 fatalities last year. “On average, there about 12 fatalities in the park per year, but a small percentage of those are from fatal falls,” said Ceja-Cervantes. “The causes of those deaths range from heat, to drowning, to medical issues and more. High elevation plays a role in some of the fatalities.”

So, the next time you are taking a photo, be aware of your surroundings. You can read more about this story on CNN.

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Two people died at the Grand Canyon and one of them was taking photos. Should taking photos be banned at these tourist sites?

11% Absolutely!!
89% No, be cautious
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91% No, be cautious
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No, be cautious

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