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There’s a new theater ride that gives San Fran visitors on an aerial tour of the city. Would you want to see this?

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San Francisco is the latest location to follow the trend of flying theaters after opening the city’s newest attraction, the Flyer. It’s located in Pier 39 next to Aquarium of the Bay and above Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco.

According to USA Today, the theater gives you a virtual aerial tour of the city of San Francisco and its biggest landmarks/attractions by combining “motion seats, live-action and computer-generated imagery to simulate flight.” It has in-theater special effects that create an extraordinary realistic experience, so you can “launch over the Golden Gate Bridge, barrel down Coit Tower, zoom through Lombard Street and Chinatown, and soar through the Redwood National Forest.”

The Flyer was inspired from the success of Disney’s flying theater Soarin’ Around the World which opened up at California Adventure in 2001 and by owner John Alter who “wanted to bring a real theme park-style attraction to the city.” Alter partnered with manufacturer Triotech to bring this vision to life.

“Through our partnership with Triotech, we have spent nearly two years researching and developing multi-sensorial effects in tandem with 3D high definition cutting-edge technology,” he said. “The overall movielike originality of The Flyer – San Francisco will create an unforgettable guest experience that will have audiences, quite literally, on the edge of their seats. We look forward to welcoming guests from around the globe!”

Ernest Yale, Founder, President, and CEO of Triotech, said, “We are thrilled to open this unique attraction here in San Francisco. Being able to see the city and the Bay Area in ways that are not possible through any other means make The Flyer – San Francisco a must-see attraction for visitors and locals alike.”

The theater seats 28 across two rows in front of a 1,100 square foot curved screen. It’s a 20-minute experience, including pre-show, with a 40-inch height requirement (no age restriction). The footage was captured by drones and helicopters and is presented in 3-D to enhance the experience.

And it’s not just a simple tour, as there is an adventure entangled in it. A man named James is proposing to his other half, but the engagement is interrupted by a seagull named Seymour who steals the ring and flies away with it. We then see the city through Seymour point-of-view, giving us a literal bird’s-eye view of San Francisco, as the couple chases after him.

“I didn’t want the ride to be just a travelogue,” says Alter. By latching onto the characters, the narrative helps visitors engage with the story. “We thought a love story would be universal,” he adds.

The ride has moving seats and wind effects to create a “giddy, hang glider-like experience,” but they don’t move past a few inches as all the sensations are merely illusions. Nonetheless, it’s recommended you don’t partake if you are susceptible to motion sickness, a heart condition, epilepsy, or other severe medical conditions. Ticket prices start at $16 for children and $25 for adults. You can read more about this on USA Today.

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There’s a new theater ride that gives San Fran visitors on an aerial tour of the city. Would you want to see this?

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