Mandy Moore Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mandy Moore got a star on the Walk of Fame. Do you watch her in This is Us?

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The 2002 film that captured our hearts and simultaneously made us reach for a box of tissues is bringing back some major memories.

According to E! News, A Walk to Remember stars Many Moore and Shane West reunited for a “walk of (fame) to remember” as Moore received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Moore credits the film for being a large part of her history and success saying, “A career is shaped by so many things, and for me, there are two monumental projects that represent both where I started and where I am now.” Shane told E! News, “Mandy was phenomenal and my best friend when we were working on that.” (Uh-oh, they’re making us reach for the tissue box again.) He continues, “We hadn’t had anything that had been a success like that, so that will probably be one of my favorite memories.”

The This Is Us star recently sent Shane a video message reminiscing on their time spent together working on the film in which she brings up a striking line from their director at the time who’d told them, “Prepare for the rest of your lives to be changed.”

Moore adds to the great meaningfulness of their director’s line in her speech upon receiving her Hollywood star saying, “Honestly, none of us knew that project would have the reach and resonance it’s had over the years, with new generations discovering it and falling in love with a story that will forever hold a very special place in my heart,” informs E! News.

“It takes just one person to see a spark in you, to see you in a way that you may not see yourself, to give you permission to go beyond what the world may or may not expect of you and completely change the path of your life and career,” Moore adds in her speech.

It’s been 17-years since the premiere of A Walk to Remember, so what are the stars up to now? Shane is now the star of Gotham on Fox and Mandy has since married Taylor Goldsmith and stars in This Is Us. Read the full story on E! News.

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Mandy Moore got a star on the Walk of Fame. Do you watch her in This is Us?

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