Gucci Redefining “Stupid Money”

Gucci is selling ‘dirty’ looking sneakers for $900. Do these look vintage or ridiculous?

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Italian designer Gucci may have redefined “being stupid rich” with the release of their newest sneakers the “Screener.” Named after a basketball term, the shoes are supposed to give off vibes of “vintage,” “distressed,” and style referencing “old school shapes.”

To put it into simple terms, they are Gucci kicks that have purposely been dirtied to make them more stylish. And just because they look heavily used doesn’t mean the costs will reflect it.

The shoes come with the brand’s trademark Sylvie Web trim and prices for men start at $930 for high tops and $870 for low tops in either green and orange, red and green, or blue and orange.

And for women, they get a fresh look for the spring with a pleasant strawberry print that starts at $980, and removable, embellished cherries beginning at $1,250.

The shoes do come with cleaning instructions, which can be seen as odd because they are going for a dirty look: “Clean when the shoe is dry, using only neutral or same-color products to avoid staining.”

But the product has not been met with much positivity, as the company has faced the backlash from many critics on Twitter for demonstrating “peak capitalism” and “glamorizing poverty.”

“Typical high-end designer commercialising poverty,” one user said.

“Some people have more money than sense. It’s ridiculous,” said another.

One user made a good point writing “Gucci is selling dirty sneakers for $1,100. Fun hack: For $700 you can buy a pair of regular Gucci sneakers and get them dirrty yourself.”

“Gucci you’re classier then that,” said another user.

But Gucci isn’t the first company to fall in hot water for something like this. Just last year, Italian shoe brand Golden Goose came under fire for releasing trainers that looked as if they’d been completely worn out and taped-up with duct tape.

And this isn’t Gucci’s first time coming under such scrutiny. They previously found themselves on shaky ground for selling a balaclava knit top that people claimed was an offensive reference to “blackface.” The black garment included a pull-up neck and a cutout with giant red lips but was discontinued because of how it could be deemed offensive.

If you have the money and want to spend it on shoes such as these, more power to you because that would be a luxury to have. But it does bring into question just what people are shelling out cash for nowadays. You can read more about this on the New York Post.

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Gucci is selling ‘dirty’ looking sneakers for $900. Do these look vintage or ridiculous?

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