Food Texture Science: Are You a Cruncher, Chewer, or Sucker?

Food Texture Science: Are You a Cruncher, Chewer, or Sucker?

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There’s more to why you reach for the crunchy apple vs. the mushy banana.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what that satisfying thing to eat is. Whether it be something with a good crunch, like an afternoon carrot and broccoli veggie snack, or perhaps something soft and chewy, like a nice warm brownie—we’re all different.

According to Well and Good, there’s a scientific reason why you thoroughly enjoy certain textures of food and despise the others. It’s something called “food rheology” which Well and Good describes as, “the science of finding appetizing ‘food structures’ the building blocks of texture.”

Science Direct defines food texture as, “a collective term of sensory experiences originated from visual, audio and tactile stimuli,” and says, “The sensation of food texture plays a crucial role in influencing consumers’ liking and preference of a food product.”

Science Direct continues, delving even deeper into the details in hopes that the rest of us can wrap our mind around why we do or don’t like mushy applesauce or crunchy iceburg lettuce:

“For solid foods, sensory experience associated with fracture and breaking could be the most relevant textural features, whereas the sensation of flow behaviour could be the most critical texture-related feature for fluid foods. For semisolid or soft solid foods, different patterns of stress–strain deformation provide key information for the delicate texture variation among this type of food.”

What you like and dislike is also associated with your geographical stance. Well and Good says, “Westerners tend to dislike slimy delicacies, but many people raised in other parts of the world couldn’t be bothered,” while The Guardian informs, “To the western palate, sliminess is often greeted with suspicion and associated with decay.” The Guardian, also talks about why people can totally hate mushrooms: “they are repeatedly berated for their ‘slug-like’ and ‘rubbery’ texture.” You got that right—I’ll pass.

So, are you a chewer (give me gummy bears!) a cruncher (chips, please), sucker (lollipop anyone?), or smoosher (apparently, when you want to put like, zero effort into chewing at all)?

Here’s how people on the Zip app are weighing in on this all over the country!

Would you consider yourself a chewer (someone who loves chewy things like gummy worms) or a cruncher (someone who enjoys a bag of crispy chips)?

29% Chewer
71% Cruncher
29% Chewer
71% Cruncher
30% Chewer
70% Cruncher



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