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A life-size Monopoly-inspired attraction has opened in Hong Kong! Would you want to see it?

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Monopoly has become life-size. Yes, you read that correctly. You can now literally immerse yourself in the game and experience one of the world’s most popular board games in person. The only caveat? You will have to travel to Hong Kong.

This June, Monopoly Dreams, Hong Kong’s life-size Monopoly theme park, is set to open, featuring the first-ever attraction based off the iconic board game.

It is located at The Peak, which is “the city’s prime residential area occupied by the rich and famous,” and offers the best vantage point to overlook its beautiful skyline.

Interestingly enough, the location of the park may not be a coincidence at all. A Chinese version of the game was introduced in 1965, and it was designed around Hong Kong. In that game, The Peak was voted as the most expensive tile in the game.

The park comes with a twist; it will not provide an actual life-size game. Instead, you will get a look into Mr. Monopoly’s secret and luxurious life while touring his 20,000 square-foot mansion.

And in the meantime, guests will have to help stop and catch a “mysterious man who is attempting to steal Mr. Monopoly’s diamond scepter.”

During this adventure, elements from the original board game such as the bank, railroads, jail cell, waterworks, and chance cards will be incorporated via themed rooms to add to the journey. And to make the experience as realistic as possible, augmented reality technology and 4D interactive projections will be used.

Monopoly has an estimated 1 billion players worldwide, has sold nearly 300 million copies, has been launched in 114 different countries and has been translated into 47 different languages.

Souvenirs and themed snacks will be available for purchase. You can read more about this story on Travel + Leisure.

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A life-size Monopoly-inspired attraction has opened in Hong Kong! Would you want to see it?

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