Democratic Women Receive Less Media Coverage than Men

Will the Democrat party put up a white male for the 2020 presidential race?

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Women have been fighting discrimination for decades, and it seems the fight is still not over.

Politico is questioning the lack of coverage women on the Democratic side are receiving. Beto O’Rourke has apparently received star treatment when it comes to media coverage, while women running for office have been left out, according to Politico.

Unlike O’Rourke, who has made one visit to Iowa, Elizabeth Warren has distributed major policy proposals, visited almost 12 states, and organized 30 campaign events since she joined the presidential run, per Politico. Unsurprisingly, many Democrats are starting to question the apparent double standard regarding O’Rourke’s campaign launch.

“To them, O’Rourke, a white, male candidate had already been anointed the next sensation, his entry into the race greased by live television shots and O’Rourke-centric panels,” says Politico.

Jess McIntosh, a Democratic strategist and former senior communications staffer on the Hillary Clinton campaign, said, “I actually really like Beto, but all you have to do is put his quotes into the mouth of a hypothetical woman candidate: She ‘sometimes’ takes care of her kids, she was ‘born for this’, her speech was just ‘amazing, every word pulled out of me’ to know that women would not be the object of adoration.”

But, according to CBS News the Democratic party is in fact less concerned about either of them and more concerned about getting current President Donald Trump out of the picture.

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Will the Democrat party put up a white male for the 2020 presidential race?

66% Y- diverse VP
34% N- too risky
63% Y- diverse VP
37% N- too risky
74% Y- diverse VP
26% N- too risky

Y- diverse VP

N- too risky

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