Trump Pushes Denuclearization, Kim Jong Un Won’t Budge

Will we see the denuclearization of North Korea while President Trump is in office?

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For almost a year now, President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been discussing North Korea’s denuclearization. In June 2018, they met at the Singapore Summit to discuss a peace treaty after a tumultuous 2017, when both leaders threatened each other with nuclear warfare.

Their first meeting had left both countries feeling optimistic. But now, the newfound “friendship” between Trump and Kim Jong Un seems to be in an awkward position. According to ABC, their second summit meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, didn’t end with any agreement from North Korea to denuclearize. The only thing that Kim Jong Un has seemingly promised is to not conduct nuclear missile or weapons tests.

However, North Korea’s only testing site, Punggye-ri, has not been completely demolished. According to a report by 38 North, a website that gives analysis of current events in North Korea, there are many satellite images taken in November 2018 that show the site to be intact.

The report also shows images of apparent tunnels that may be evacuation points from the testing site and mentions nearby facilities that remain intact. “This suggests the site may only be mothballed, with reactivation possible,” the report reads.  Since the test site’s inception in 2006, there have been six publicly announced nuclear tests, according to Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI).

The report also shows that 2016 was the country’s “busiest” year when it came to testing their WMD. Punggye-ri held two nuclear tests within 8 months of each other; the first one was reported by North Korea officials as being a hydrogen bomb test. The second test was apparently a regular nuclear missile test but was reportedly stronger than the hydrogen bomb test. On the Richter Scale the first test recorded a 5.1 score while the second recorded a 5.3.

The last recorded test occurred on Sept. 2, 2017, and according to NTI, the test scored a 6.3 on the Richter Scale, which makes it the strongest nuclear test in the site’s history. Whenever the Richter Scale measures something as a 6 or higher, it’s considered strong enough to cause moderate to severe damage to heavily populated areas.

President Trump expressed in a statement that if North Korea is indeed reconstructing Punggye-ri, he “would be very very disappointed.”

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Will we see the denuclearization of North Korea while President Trump is in office?

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