Does Scandal Take Shine Away from College Institutions?

Do we really have a need for brick-and-mortar college institutions anymore?

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A college education can come in many forms, and getting it from one institution doesn’t necessarily make it better than getting it from another.

People believe that going to an Ivy League school means you are destined for success, which is not always the case. There have been many successful people who have attended “lesser” schools or started out at community college.

Which is why, with the rise in prominence of online universities, there are some who wonder if brick-and-mortar colleges will eventually become obsolete.

They are expensive and have extreme admission requirements, while online education is similar in quality, much cheaper, more flexible, allows for you to do more on the side and has near zero percent chance of any sort of discrimination. And with the most recent college scandal, it makes you wonder if we are better off transitioning to online schooling.

Just over a week ago, the FBI busted a $25 million college entrance cheating scheme, charging 50 people, from wealthy CEOs, prominent lawyers, Division I athletic coaches to actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, according to NBC News.

The scandal surrounded wealthy parents using bribes to get their children into top institutions across the nations, such as Georgetown, Stanford, Yale, the University of California, Los Angeles, USC, the University of San Diego, the University of Texas and Wake Forest University.

The FBI found that a network of wealthy parents paid a California man named William Singer to boost their kids’ chances of getting into their preferred school.

The scheme involved paying tutors to write SATs and bribing the SAT proctor to allow it, paying the proctor for unlimited time to take the test, forging documents to show that their child was an athlete, and bribing athletic coaches to identify the prospective student as a recruit, even though he/she never played the respective sport.

“What we do is we help the wealthiest families in the U.S. get their kids into school,” Singer said. “They want guarantees, they want this thing done. They don’t want to be messing around with this thing. And so they want in at certain schools. So I did 761 what I would call, ‘side doors.’

“There is a front door which means you get in on your own. The back door is through institutional advancement, which is ten times as much money. And I’ve created this side door in.

“Because the back door, when you go through institutional advancement, as you know, everybody’s got a friend of a friend, who knows somebody who knows somebody but there’s no guarantee, they’re just gonna give you a second look. My families want a guarantee.”

Does this corruption take shine away from brick-and-mortar schools? This is hardly the first time they have been involved with a scandal. How susceptible are online universities to fraud such as this?

Depending on your answer, you may feel that we should start to transition away from traditional schooling but going as far as to say that brick-and-mortar schools have no need may be a bit extreme.

There is still something to be said about the college experience. It offers support and comradery online schools don’t necessarily provide. For many, the college experience is more than just an education. It’s about making lifelong friends, networking, gamedays, new experiences, etc.

But, if not everyone is getting a fair shot at experiencing it, is it really worth it in the bigger picture? Read more about this on NBC News.

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Do we really have a need for brick-and-mortar college institutions anymore?

51% It’s an experience
49% Unnecessary
57% It’s an experience
43% Unnecessary
39% It’s an experience
61% Unnecessary

It’s an experience


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