Walmart Making a Huge Change

Walmart is replacing its ‘people greeters’ with ‘customer hosts’ and people are not happy. Was this a bad move?

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For decades now, Walmart’s blue-vest greeters have made it a priority to welcome customers from the moment they walk in. However, those greeters, which we have all become accustomed to seeing every time we go to Walmart since the 1980s, will be no longer.

The retail giant is changing course and choosing on implementing its “customer host” program, which began in 2015, nationwide. A customer host is essentially your standard greeter but with additional responsibilities. They greet customers, check receipts, help with returns and help keep entrances clean and safe; they also perform other more physically demanding tasks. To be eligible to serve as a host, you need to be able to lift 25-pound packages, climb ladders, and stand for extended periods.

“As we strive to constantly improve the experience for our customers, we will need to adjust roles from time to time,” Walmart said in a statement to USA TODAY. “We’ve recently shared our plans to change the responsibilities of the people greeter role in some stores and that involves associates with disabilities in some cases.”

The change in responsibilities will put many of Walmart’s blue-vest greeters in a bit of a pickle because many of them are disabled and rely on jobs like this. “With that in mind, we will be extending the current 60-day greeter transition period for associates with disabilities while we explore the circumstances and potential accommodations, for each individual, that can be made within each store,” Walmart said in the statement.

The role will be removed on April 26, giving them five-to-six more weeks to figure things out. And while Walmart believes they are making the right choice, their decision is being faced with a lot of backlash by the public. The move provoked complaints to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission along with a federal lawsuit in Utah claiming discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Employers must provide “reasonable” accommodations to workers with disabilities under federal law.

Officials from Walmart stated that after their initial change from greeters to hosts at more than 1,000 stores in 2016, 80 to 85 percent of greeters affected found new roles at Walmart. The retailer extended the deadline to find a new job for greeters with disabilities from 60 days to indefinitely. Whether it makes a difference remains to be seen because they will have limited options. You can read more about this on USA TODAY.

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Walmart is replacing its ‘people greeters’ with ‘customer hosts’ and people are not happy. Was this a bad move?

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