Spain Ranks as the World’s Healthiest Country

According to a new report, Spain is the healthiest country. Would you move to Spain?

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Living a long, healthy life is a mantra many people and countries around the world want to live up to.

And this year, Spain has been ranked the healthiest country in the world, according to the Bloomberg Health Index. It scored a 92.75 health grade, putting it above Italy, the previous healthiest country in 2017.

The health grading is based on criteria that include life expectancy, available clean water, health risks (tobacco, blood pressure, obesity), malnutrition and the causes of deaths. Of all European countries, Spain ranked the highest in life expectancy, with an 82.6-year average. Men in the country live up to about 79.6 years while women average 85.6 years. These newly reported conditions have caused Spain to rank in the top five countries in terms of highest life expectancy. Not to mention, their new life expectancy average is about 1.3 years higher than their 2017 average, according to The World Factbook.

Another report from the index showed the country is also doing relatively well in terms of quality of life. They reported that 100 percent of the population has seen an improvement regarding access to clean water. The index also reported that only about 1 percent of the population showed signs of struggling when it comes to sanitation measures.

Another reason for the country’s health grade being the highest is that Spain has the third lowest amount of lost lives in the world, according to the index. It goes on to say that this could be attributed to the fact that many people in Spain follow a Mediterranean diet. This diet consists of mostly eating fruits, vegetables and some dairy products, but it also includes the consumption of fish (moderate amount) and certain meat products (low amount). These factors moved the country higher in health grading, surpassing Italy, which previously held a score of about 93 points but has dropped down to 91.5.

This drop could be due to factors involving the country’s life expectancy rate. It was previously reported by The World Factbook in 2017 that Italy had an average life expectancy of 82.3 years, but that number has fallen to a flat 82 years according to the Bloomberg Index. Another contributing factor could be that Italy’s death rate is apparently outpacing its birth rate. The index reports that the country experiences 1,673 deaths in a day compared to just 1,353 births.

Spain’s population has been growing steadily (currently at 46.4 million). It makes sense considering they’re now the healthiest country in the world. The country’s government even implemented a three-month amnesty plan that allows immigrants in the country to become legal citizens, which contributes to the population growth.

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According to a new report, Spain is the healthiest country. Would you move to Spain?

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