Avocados Becoming More Popular and Expensive

Apparently, the Keto Diet is to blame for the rise in avocado prices. Do you think avocados are too expensive?

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When a certain product is in high demand, companies usually raise the price of that specific product. It’s a basic principle of economics, and it seems to be affecting the avocado market, according to a report featured in Shape. Some millennials, and other generation groups, have been hooked on the trendy Keto Diet. This diet has caused avocados and other foods related to the diet to become 60 percent more expensive, according to the Shape report.

So what exactly is the Keto (short for ketogenic) Diet?

The main idea behind the diet is that the food being eaten is very low in carbs but high in fat. According to Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD of Diet Doctor, this diet can help burn off fat more effectively. This in turn, causes the weight loss process to speed up and even reduces the chance of heart failure, or other heart problems, in the future. The reason the body goes through ketogenesis, according to Eenfeldt, is because it uses ketones as an alternative source for fuel since a person’s body will be low in blood sugar (glucose) because they are eating less carbs.

Losing weight and eating healthy are major points of interest in the U.S. because of how much emphasis has been put on being able to live a long and prosperous life. Not to mention, according to Pro Con, the U.S. is one of the most obese countries in the world. It was ranked at 12 and approximately 36.2 percent of adults in the American population are obese. In order for a person to be considered obese, their Body Mass Index (BMI) must be higher than 30. BMI that is considered healthy lies between 18.5 to 24.9. These factors have apparently affected the way Americans see how important losing weight can be. According to Boston Medical Center, about 45 million Americans a year begin a diet and about $33 billion a year is spent on weight loss products.

These weight loss products and diets include the Keto Diet. According to Produce Blue Book, the prices of avocados have been steadily rising since 2015. In 2015 avocados were going for $2.72 per kilogram (about 2 pounds in the U.S.). In 2016, that number rose to $3.13 and skyrocketed to $3.82 per kilogram in 2017.

Avocados are in high demand and has become quite a trendy addition to popular dishes. However, the fad could be coming to a halt; Fresh Fruit Portal reports that in 2019, there will be a sharp decline in avocado production due to crops being damaged in 2018 from continuous heat waves and wildfires. Per reports, only 175 million pounds were produced for 2019, which is almost a 50 percent decrease from the previous year, which saw 338 million pounds produced.

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Apparently, the Keto Diet is to blame for the rise in avocado prices. Do you think avocados are too expensive?

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