Warning: Children Are Spending Too Much Time in Front of Screens

Apparently, kids under 2 are spending over double the amount of time looking at screens than years ago. Does this worry you?

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If you are undecided about a career path, it’s looking more and more likely that optometry is going to be one to cash in on because more and more children are staring at screens more than ever before.

Per the New York Post, a study conducted by the University of Michigan showed that children are spending at least double the amount of time in front of a digital screen than 20 years ago.

The study showed that young children had an average of 3.05 hours of daily screen time as of 2014, compared to 1.32 hours per day in 1997. And with how society has embraced the technological movement, you can bet that the average has comfortably increased in the five years since.

Those 3.05 hours have proven to be harmful as immoderate screen time has shown to be associated with a delay in development. A study from the Journal of the American Medical Association linked screen time to cognitive delays and lesser academic performances in children.

But the issues only start there. If kids spend too much time in front of screens at an early age, it can turn into a habit, or even worse, lifestyle, eventually hurting them in adulthood.

Gone are the days where children would spend their free time playing with each other- whether it be outdoors playing sports or indoors with toys or a simple game of hide-and-seek. Now it’s all about TV and video games.

World Cancer Research Fund conducted a review that saw “’sedentary behaviors’ like staring at computer screens are contributing factors to excessive weight gain,” and down the line, other various health problems.

“New technologies have encouraged people to increase the time they spend engaging in sedentary behaviors such as sitting in cars and watching television as well as using computers, electronic entertainment and mobile phones,” the report said.

“Insufficient levels of physical activity have been linked to a number of health problems including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, poor bone health and depression.”

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “limit screen use for preschool children, ages 2 to 5, to just 1 hour a day of high-quality programming” while leaning towards co-viewing with your children because “it encourages social interactions, bonding, and learning.”

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Apparently, kids under 2 are spending over double the amount of time looking at screens than years ago. Does this worry you?

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14% No, they’re fine
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