Apparently, Most Women Marry Their Way Into the Top 1 Percent

Apparently, marriage is still the top way for women to enter the elusive 1 percent. Do you think this will change anytime soon?

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Women are hard workers who have fought through the years against prejudice and earning equal wages. But how are most women achieving top 1 percent status?

According to New York Post, a survey claims that the majority of women make their way into the top 1 percentile by way of marriage to a wealthy spouse.

So what if women just so happen to fall madly in love with say, a millionaire? Can you really blame them? Apparently, there’s been quite a bit of this type of fairytale love story happening. New York Post reveals that the survey looked closely at gender income patterns in Consumer Finances reports between 1995 and 2017.

New York Post says, “They saw that American households who were part of the 1 percent — which meant making more than $845,000 a year — only 15 percent of them needed the woman’s income to cross that elite threshold,” followed by, “And they also found that only 5 percent of women in those crazy rich families made enough money to qualify for the 1 percent. Instead, the study concluded that ‘women mostly enter one percent households through marriage by gaining access to their spouse’s income.’”

This is not to discount women in the workforce or to say that women are not as successful as men, but to analyze an interesting fact regarding how some of the ladies in the workforce climb to the pinnacle of the financial realm.

But wait— there’s yet another interesting fact about women in the 1% bracket: New York Post calls Lynnette Khalfani-Cox a “money expert” who claims, “women aren’t as competitive as men when it comes to money.”

Can it be so?

Khalfani-Cox continues saying, “Most women are not like, ‘Let’s join the ranks of the 1 percent,’” and, “The vast majority of women are way more concerned about being well-compensated for the value they bring as an employee or entrepreneur. They’re more concerned about having enough money to pay for a roof over their family’s heads.”

For all of you hardworking queens with your nose to the grind wondering how some of the other females have reached the 1% income status, don’t beat yourself up – now you know that most of them did not solely get there on their own, they had some help.

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Apparently, marriage is still the top way for women to enter the elusive 1 percent. Do you think this will change anytime soon?

64% Never gonna happen
36% Ya, self-made women
68% Never gonna happen
32% Ya, self-made women
52% Never gonna happen
48% Ya, self-made women

Never gonna happen

Ya, self-made women

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