All-Star Manny Machado Signs with the San Diego Padres

Manny Machado signed a ten-year, 300-million-dollar deal with the San Diego Padres. Do you think that this is good for the team?

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It’s been a while since the San Diego Padres have been relevant to baseball fans outside of America’s Finest City, but that all changed on Feb. 21 when four-time all-star infielder, Manny Machado, signed a 10-year $300 million deal with the team, according to the Associated Press. Machado previously played for the Baltimore Orioles from 2012 to 2018 and was traded mid-season to the Los Angeles Dodgers and eventually played in the World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

Machado had a very impressive 2018 season as he recorded 107 RBI’s, which was tied for 8 among the league with Edwin Encarnacion of the Cleveland Indians. Machado also recorded the third most hits in the league, with 188, tied with J.D. Martinez of the Red Sox. Not to mention his 37 home runs (Tied for 9) and a career high .367 on-base percentage.

The move by the Padres to sign Machado comes at a time in which the team is still struggling to win games and as a result shows that their attendance has been declining over time. According to Baseball Reference, the Padres had an average stadium attendance of 26,401 in 2018 which ranked 18 out of 30 in the league. That number is lower than the 2017 season which saw an average of 29,030 people attending Padres games; that number had the teams attendance ranked 15 out 30 in 2017.

Not to mention the last time the Padres had a winning season was in 2010 when they finished that year with 90 wins to only 72 losses, but narrowly missed out on the postseason. 2006 was the last time the team had a playoff appearance before losing in the National League Division Series (NLDS) to the St. Louis Cardinals, who eventually won the world series that year.

Although a perennial all-star, Machado hasn’t been apart of a team that is severely in need of talent across most of the board like the Padres. When he was with the Orioles, Machado was apart of two of their playoff runs which were the 2012 (93-69 record) and 2016 (89-73) seasons. He was injured for most of the 2014 season and didn’t play in the playoffs due to a knee injury.

That season, the Orioles won their division (96-66 record) and lost in the American League Championship Series (ALCS) to the Kansas City Royals. In the 2018 season, after being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Machado helped the Dodgers in the NLDS advance past the Atlanta Braves after recording 2 hits and 4 RBIs in the series to help LA win 3-1 and eventually go on to play in the World Series.

It goes to show that Machado does know what it’s like to win in the league and even though the Padres have given Machado one the largest contracts for a free agent in MLB history, it may be what the Padres need to get over their losing hump. Signing recent all-star players while drafting young talent seems to be the route the Padres seem to want to go as last year they signed Eric Hosmer, a former Kansas City Royal and 2016 all-star, to an 8-year $144 million contract. The team also has pitcher, Joey Luchessi drafted in 2016, who eventually got to play as a rookie for the 2018 season. Luchessi led all NL rookie pitchers in wins being credited with 8. Not to mention there has been talk of the Padres being interested in highly touted free agent Bryce Harper, and that could be another piece of the puzzle that San Diego needs in order to learn how to become winners again.

The New York Yankees, who typically have a large payroll, use their money to attract talent and stars from all around the league in order to compete for championships. If the Padres are serious about turning their franchise around, then they may have to spend as much money as possible in order to get the ball rolling.

With Machado coming in, and the Padres having the best farm-system in the MLB, it could potentially help the team conduct a turn-around for the 2019 season; at least finish with a better record than in 2018 (66-96 record).

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Manny Machado signed a ten-year, 300-million-dollar deal with the San Diego Padres. Do you think that this is good for the team?

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