A Chocolate Lover’s Dream Job?

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream Job?

A chocolate company will pay you to travel through ten U.S. cities in a “Chocotruck.” Would you do this for money?

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Are you a chocoholic looking for work? You can now live out your fantasy and embark on a road trip in a “chocotruck.”

“Tony’s Chocolonely – a Dutch confectionary business based in Amsterdam – is looking to hire a captain and two co-pilots to travel through 10 different U.S. cities,” according to Delish.

No, this isn’t a dream. This company is seriously looking to pay people money to sell chocolate and travel. (I know, right?)

However, it goes deeper than just selling chocolate; the Dutch company is contributing to a noble cause. “The brand is looking to raise awareness surrounding the cocoa industry’s inequality problem, namely the illegal child labor practices in farming,” Delish reports. Pretty innovative and admirable if you ask me.

Ever wonder where that delectable Hershey’s kiss came from? On the Food is Power website you can find information on child labor and slavery in the chocolate industry. “The farms of Western Africa supply cocoa to international giants such as Hershey’s, Mars, and Nestlé – revealing the industry’s direct connection to the worst forms of child labor, human trafficking, and slavery,” the website reveals. It is a major issue that can’t be ignored.

According to Delish, Dena White, U.S. marketing manager for the company, said in a statement, “We’re very crazy about chocolate and we want to share the fun with choco fans across the country. But don’t be mistaken. We’re very serious about our mission. Everything we do is to achieve a single goal: to make all chocolate worldwide 100% slavery free. The chocotruck is our way of taking our mission on the road and sharing our story with as many new friends as we can.”

The company won’t just hire anyone, however. You must be at least 21 and have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, Tony’s wants candidates with a minimum of three years’ experience working in event production or touring.

Stay in school kids – maybe you’ll have a chance to snag the sweetest job ever.

Read the full story on Delish here.

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A chocolate company will pay you to travel through ten U.S. cities in a “Chocotruck.” Would you do this for money?

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