Martha Stewart Coming Out with a New Book

Martha Stewart Coming Out with a New Book

Martha Stewart is working on an autobiography. Would you read this?

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Martha Stewart has had an eventful and successful 77 years of life. The labeled ‘domestic diva’ is one of the most infamous American businesswomen, TV personalities, and writers ever who also happens to be a former model. Not to mention, she had a run-in with law enforcement that saw her serve a year’s worth of jail time.

And now, per the New York Post, she may be sharing her life’s work and journey with us all, telling InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown “I’m thinking about it” regarding a potential autobiography.

But she later told Media Ink that she had already begun writing it and that we can expect it “in about three years.” And she has no shortage of content to share.

She’s written around 100 books covering topics such as cooking, entertaining, gardening, weddings, and decorating, with a handful of them being best-sellers.

In 1997 she founded Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia which became a media empire under her watch. A media giant that covers four different business sectors: publishing, internet, broadcasting media platforms, and merchandising product lines while being involved with various other print publications.

MSO has printed the flagship Martha Stewart Living magazine since 1990 while producing a TV show by the same name from 1993-2004 that was intended to complement the magazine. Then, there was a year-long gap before Stewart started the Emmy-winning Martha Stewart Show in 2005 before ending its run in 2012.

And it was during this gap where the 77-year-old served time for her insider trading scandal with the biopharmaceutical company, ImClone.

She served five months in prison and another five under house arrest which was then followed by two years of probation and a $30,000 fine.

So yes, she’s had an action-packed life giving her a lot to cover. A multitude of books (numerous bestsellers), a successful media company, and jail time, which led to her fall which was succeeded by her comeback, should make for an intriguing book. Read more about it here.

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Martha Stewart is working on an autobiography. Would you read this?

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