Former Starbucks CEO Making Waves

Former Starbucks CEO Making Waves

Will he or won’t he? Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz tweeted that he was “considering running for president as a centrist independent?

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Howard Schultz, better known as the Founder, and former CEO of our favorite coffee franchise Starbucks, made headline news recently by announcing he was genuinely considering running for the presidency in 2020, according to Delish.

“I love our country, and I am seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent,” he tweeted.

“I want to see the American people win. I want to see America win,” he said on 60 Minutes. “I don’t care if you’re Democrat, independent, Libertarian, Republican, bring me your ideas, and I will be an independent person who will embrace those ideas, because I am not in any way in bed with a party.”

There has long been speculation that the 65-year-old was preparing for a run, but he finally confirmed it, saying he will be running as a centrist independent, and the reactions have been anything but positive.

The billionaire has been highly polarizing, with a significant reason due to his political stances where he takes elements from the progressive left while also finding common ground with ‘red’ America. Not to mention, Schultz has a complicated relationship with his adopted hometown of Seattle, with one of the big reasons being he essentially threw away their lone NBA franchise, the Seattle Supersonics.

Both the public and Democrats have shone a negative light on the 65-year-old’s intentions, and it appears that the biggest reason why is that they are afraid he would split the Democratic vote.

Schultz is a former Democrat who has been critical of President Trump and has made it known that his goal is to defeat the current president.

During his first event of a three-month book tour for his new book From the Ground Up, the 65-year-old was interrupted by a protester who shouted (shared via a tweet from CNN’s Dan Merica):

“Don’t help elect Trump, you egotistical billionaire a**hole. Go back to getting ratioed on Twitter. Go back to Davos with the billionaire elites…”

This echoes what many of the leading Democrats feel. There is the risk that he may tap into moderate voters, stealing them away from the Democratic nominee, and allow Trump to be reelected without needing over 50% of votes.

And his recent attacks on Democratic candidates for their progressive positions on health care and taxes do not help his case.

Even before he made it official that he may run, Washington State Democratic Party Chair, Tina Podlodowski, said in a statement:

“I have two words for Howard Schultz on a potential run for president as an independent: Just. Don’t. Too much is at stake to make this about the ambitions of any one person.”

But the Democratic party may not have to worry too much, as the latest CNN poll of 1,011 adults, which was conducted by SSRS, shows that Schultz has not been well-received.

Only one-in-five people said that they would support the former Starbucks CEO, which was the lowest of any candidate tested.

13% had a favorable opinion of him while 22% saw him as unfavorable. Only 4% in the poll said they were very likely to support Schultz in the 2020 race while another 16% said they were somewhat likely to support him.

However, only 22% of independents acknowledged they were either very or somewhat likely to support Schultz as a potential candidate, while just 14% of independents view him in a positive light, which isn’t looking too promising for someone running as a Centrist Independent.

Surprisingly, Schultz appealed to groups that have been known to support Trump predominantly: Men, white Americans, and those approving of Trump’s job so far. And those that were least likely to support a Schultz run were Democrats (15% very or somewhat likely), women (16%) and non-white Americans (16%).

But most surprisingly, 46% of people had never heard of him. Read more about it here.

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Will he or won’t he? Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz tweeted that he was “considering running for president as a centrist independent?

41% He will
59% Won’t do it
41% He will
59% Won’t do it
44% He will
56% Won’t do it

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