Heinz Ketchup Goes Fine Dining With Ketchup Caviar

Heinz Ketchup caviar is here – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Would you try this?

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Attention ketchup lovers: this Valentine’s Day, Heinz has ­– or had – something special for you!

Heinz, the Pennsylvania-based brand, has come a long way since first debuting its tomato ketchup in 1876. According to Us magazine, the best-selling ketchup brand is determined to make Valentine’s Day dinner unique with its limited-edition ketchup caviar.

Wait, they’re actually combining ketchup and fish eggs?!

Not quite – there is no actual caviar involved, Us Magazine tells us. Heinz teamed up with Jens Møller Products ApS to create the la-di-da version of the tomato condiment. These pearly delights were made to only resemble real caviar. (Excuse me, waiter, can I have some ketchup caviar on my hotdog?)

According to Us Magazine, you can still enjoy the caviar on burgers or roasted potatoes, but the pearls’ consistency is not quite the same as the sauce that comes out of the bottle – the little beads are made using a completely different process.

Sounds like the perfect little cherry on top of your Valentine’s Day, huh?

However, Heinz only produced 150 bottles of the KC, none of which ever saw a grocery store shelf. Fans had to visit the Heinz Ketchup Twitter page before Jan. 28 and tweet the hashtags “#HeinzKetchupCaviar” and “#Sweeps” for a chance to win a bottle of pearly tomato beads, Us Magazine reports.

I wonder who the lucky tweeters will be. #jealous.

Read the full story on US Food here.

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Heinz Ketchup caviar is here – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Would you try this?

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