Having a Hard Time Staying Healthy While Traveling?

It is hard to keep your health goals on track when you travel a lot for work; CNN lists ways to stay healthy while traveling. Do you travel for work?

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The keys to staying healthy are discipline and consistency. You must keep yourself in check when it comes to diet and exercise and must do so daily, making it a habit. And getting off your routine for even just a few days can have a larger-than-you’d-expect effect.

But things get murky when you travel, and travel is becoming a huge part of life, particularly in the professional world. And continuously traveling for work can take a toll on you.

And because of this, anyone can become unhealthy because you can experience sleep deprivation, jet-lag, and stress from regularly traveling on long, uncomfortable flights while also having the pressure from work.

Not to mention, not having any consistency on where you are staying can make it hard to get into a routine of exercise.

But, CNN compiled a short list of ways you can conveniently fit into your schedule to stay healthy or maintain your health when visiting other cities.

They were: avoid driving, substitute Happy Hour with a museum visit, and replace going to the hotel gym with outdoor physical activity such as a jog, pickup basketball game, tennis courts, swimming, etc.

Regarding the first option, you should consider using your legs as your primary form of transportation instead of renting a car, Ubering, or calling a cab. Not only is it a physical exercise, but you also get to soak in the fresh air, clear your head, and explore a new city. At the very least, your mind will be in the right place.

Obviously, it depends on the distance, and if it’s far, you can always use public transportation or walk part of the distance it on your way back when you aren’t racing against the clock.

And when you have time to kill before a dinner meeting, an evening function, or even a simple visit to a restaurant for food and drinks, Happy Hour is always tempting. And you can’t go wrong with it.

But, instead of that, CNN suggests that a museum can be a viable replacement because it will introduce you to a new culture while some even offer food and drinks.

But, even with the beverages available, you should still look to avoid the alcohol and sugared-up drinks while finding something healthy to eat.

Also, when exercising, don’t just settle for the gym your hotel provides, unless it’s more than your average facility. Why not get physical exerciseand fresh air?

Get your cardio up by going for a run, hitting up an outdoor basketball court for a pickup game, visiting tennis courts, or going to a park for a walk.

And these are just some of the numerous ways to stay in good health. Combine them with a healthy diet, proper hydration, meditation, etc. and you’ll be good to go! Read more about it on CNN here.

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It is hard to keep your health goals on track when you travel a lot for work; CNN lists ways to stay healthy while traveling. Do you travel for work?

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