Should We Change Our Stance on Cannabis?

Should We Change Our Stance on Cannabis?

Should marijuana be legal under federal law?

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The Marijuana business is booming, and former NFL running back Tiki Barber is seeing dollar signs.

According to CNN, the current CBS Sports Radio personality co-founded an investment firm named Grove Group Management in late 2018. It focuses on getting cannabis start-ups off the ground.

He is a big believer in medical marijuana and trusts that increasing evidence of the benefits of cannabis will help change a lot of people’s opinions about the plant, CNN reports. As a former NFL player who has taken hit after hit, Barber knows firsthand that marijuana can help with severe pain. “The more quickly we can get cannabis legalized federally, the better off athletes will be,” he said.

Furthermore, marijuana can also benefit the economy. “We can help add jobs. It’s good for small businesses, and that can provide an economic uplift,” Barber said.

According to KDVR (Denver’s Fox-affiliated station), five years after legalizing recreational use, the Department of Revenue says it collected $250,968,890 in marijuana tax revenue during the 2017–2018 fiscal year, with 47% of that going back into schools. Now imagine that on a larger scale.

Grove Group Management’s official headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada, because the sale and possession of marijuana is still illegal under federal law in the U.S. Currently, there are 33 states along with the District of Columbia that have legalized cannabis for medicinal use, while the District of Columbia and ten states have legalized it for recreational use.

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Should marijuana be legal under federal law?

53% Yes, what’s the holdup?
47% No… keep it illegal
49% Yes, what’s the holdup?
51% No… keep it illegal
63% Yes, what’s the holdup?
37% No… keep it illegal

Yes, what’s the holdup?

No… keep it illegal

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