New Non-Chemical Protective Coating Prolongs Produce Shelf Life

New Non-Chemical Protective Coating Prolongs Produce Shelf Life

One company is doubling the shelf life of produce by coating it with an edible plant material coating. How do you feel about this?

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A simple step can reduce food spoilage – and it doesn’t involve any chemical agents.

According to CNN Business, Apeel Sciences, founded in 2012 by James Rogers, focuses on extending the shelf life of food and reducing waste by coating produce in a “special protective coating to slow down the rotting process.” The company is backed by some big names: Bill Gates and Venture capitalist Andressen Horowitz support the company’s initiative, and the former co-CEO of Whole Foods Walter Robb recently joined its board of directors, per CNN Business.

Did you know that approximately 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste each year and is nearly a trillion-dollar loss globally?

Yep, that means about one-third of food made to feed humans goes straight into the garbage can. Per CNN Business, one in nine people worldwide go hungry each day. (Insert heartbreak emoji here.)

Rogers began investigating global hunger after he had listened to a discussion about it on the radio. He concluded that “spoilage was at the root of the problem.” According to CNN Business, the United Nations claims that “40% of food loss and waste happens after it is harvested and processed in developing countries because transporting it is an infrastructure challenge.”

Rogers said, “All of the energy – everything that’s required to get the food from where it’s produced to ultimately being on that store shelf, throwing that away – that’s a tragedy.”

So, how does Apeel work?

Food spoils when it loses moisture, and the presence of oxygen enhances the growth of mold. CNN Business explains Apeel’s approach to slow down the rotting process: “… Apeel takes the skins, seeds and pulp of homogeneous fruits or veggies – such as grapes from a winery or tomato skins from a ketchup factor – and presses out an oil rich in fat lipids. The company turns the oil into a colorless, odorless, tasteless powder that is tailored for each type of produce to which it will be applied.”

According to the FDA the product is safe and can extend the shelf life of produce.

Dying to try it out yourself? Apeel products can be found in more than 200 U.S. stores (Costco, Kroger, Harps Food Stores) and will be expanding outside of the United States. And, according to Apeel, you won’t be paying double at checkout – apparently, the product will not affect prices. Read the full story on CNN here.

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One company is doubling the shelf life of produce by coating it with an edible plant material coating. How do you feel about this?

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14% Sounds safe
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