Will Tony Romo Return to the NFL as a Coach?

Apparently, the NFL is trying to get Tony Romo back, and he has heard from teams about returning. Do you think he should?

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Being a sports commentator sounds like an easy enough job. One person is the play-by-play guy who narrates what is going on during a game – essentially giving us a step-by-step of events – while the color commentator’s responsibility is to explain to the audience what is happening and why.

But, it’s not as easy as it sounds; being a commentator requires a set of skills that not everyone has. The color analyst brings a different perspective to the booth, which is why he/she is usually a former player or coach.

For example, last season’s broadcast of “Monday Night Football” with Joe Tessitore as the play-by-play announcer, former Dallas Cowboy tight end Jason Witten as the lead color commentator and Booger McFarlane as an on-field color guy was a disappointment. They had failed to live up to their predecessors Jon Gruden (a former color analyst who is now head coach of the Oakland Raiders) and Mike Tirico (play-by-play who works for NBC). So, having the right guy for the job is crucial.

According to the New York Post, color analyst Tony Romo’s contract with CBS is up after next season, but the broadcast network is determined keep its leading man. Apparently, the former Cowboy quarterback has been crushing it at his new job. After two seasons in the booth and his “epic performance in the AFC Championship,” per the New York Post, Romo managed to only increase his value, which means he could be following in John Madden’s footsteps. The 38-year-old brings valuable insight with child-like enthusiasm, and the combination, along with his soothing voice and love of the game, is “a breath of fresh air.”

He not only explains what is happening in the moment but also predicts what is going to happen. During the CBS broadcast of the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs from almost two weeks ago, Romo made a pre-snap prediction of what the play was going to be. According to the New York Post, “he predicted what the Patriots might do on fourth-and-1 late in the fourth quarter, with the Chiefs ahead 21-17.” Owning to his future-telling capabilities, many are referring to him as ”Romostradamus” on Twitter.

According to a “Wall Street Journal” calculation, Tony Romo has guessed correctly on 72 plays this season, giving him a 68 percent success rate. And now, many NFL teams want to see him return to the field. Apparently, he has received some offers: “There was something earlier this season and definitely two times this offseason,” Romo said in an interview with The Athletic. “Usually, it is a coach that reaches out.

“There are legitimate contract offers and there are, ‘Hey, what are you thinking?’”

But for now, Romo seems content in the booth. And we are in for a treat because CBS has the Super Bowl, meaning we will be listening to Romo and Jim Nantz for a few hours. Not too bad. Read more on the NY Post here.

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Apparently, the NFL is trying to get Tony Romo back, and he has heard from teams about returning. Do you think he should?

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