Starbucks Expands Relationship with Uber Eats

A pilot program in San Francisco has Uber eats and Starbucks partnered up. They’ll offer delivery for only $2.49 within 30mins. Love or loathe this idea?

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Last week, Starbucks Corp. announced that it is officially expanding its relationship with Uber Eats, per Bloomberg. Customers will be able to order their favorite brew and have it delivered within 30 minutes – but, a $2.49 booking fee will be added to the total price. Apparently, the two companies did a trail run in Miami back in September, which set the wheels in motion. According to Bloomberg, back in 2015, Starbucks did a similar test run in Seattle and in the Empire State Building in Manhattan, but the Seattle trial with Postmates has since ended and the Empire State location is now a mobile-order-only store.

The first city Starbucks has expanded this service to is San Francisco. And from there, they hope to extend it to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C.

Starbucks wants to bring delivery service to nearly a fourth of all U.S.-owned stores in seven cities, per Bloomberg. However, the company is still trying to overcome some obstacles. For example, the company has discovered that some drinks are better suited for delivery than others. “We are refining the menu so that we can make sure we understand, when this program is fully rolled out, what the menu needs to be,” Rosalind Brewer, COO of Starbucks, said.

For 2018’s fiscal year, Starbucks saw a 2% increase in sales, which is down from 3% in 2017 and 6% in 2016. Starbucks is also set to close 150 underperforming locations this fiscal year and hopes that the new delivery service, along with the 350 new cafes to be opened, will increase sales.

That’s not all, the coffee giant has plans to test delivery services in multiple countries in 2019, and London is first on the list. But the coffee chain isn’t new to the international delivery scene; it has a delivery program in China and has expanded its services to 2,000 stores across 30 cities.

It’s still too early to judge whether this new move is a successful one, but it is the next logical step in Starbucks’ evolution. Read more about this on Bloomberg here.

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A pilot program in San Francisco has Uber eats and Starbucks partnered up. They’ll offer delivery for only $2.49 within 30mins. Love or loathe this idea?

41% Convenient
59% Ruining society
41% Convenient
59% Ruining society
41% Convenient
59% Ruining society


Ruining society

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