Doggie Danger at Wag

WAG, a $650 million company known as the ‘Uber’ for dog walking is responsible for lost and deceased dogs. Are we putting too much trust in complete strangers?

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‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ shouldn’t be the movie title that comes to mind when considering a service to walk your dog.

Wag! a dog-walking service app claims on its website to provide you with, “Trusted dog walkers in your area,” however, eyebrows are raising in suspicion.

According to NY Post, Wag! has been accused of “losing or killing eight Big Apple pooches” in the past, and now most recently, on December 10th, a couple living in Houston had to say goodbye to their furriest family member, a purebred Wheaten terrier named Winnie, after leaving them in the hands of Wag!

Sara and Nick Moore have used the app before to walk Winnie, so they’ve been familiar with how it works and the time frames. So, at the time that the ‘60-minute walk should have been over’ Sara started to feel concerned after not receiving the usual notification that her dog had made it home and decided to call Wag! to make sure everything was okay: “My app seems to be acting up, is Winnie home safe?” she said. The Wag! representative claimed to Sara that her dog was home ‘safe.’

Phew – What a relief. But, oh-no, the couple’s worst nightmare had just begun.

The feeling of relief lasted a brief five minutes before receiving a call back from the ‘trusted dog walkers’ that Winnie had been hit by a car and that the Wheaten terrier had been killed in the incident. (They’re starting to sound about as trustworthy as a Disney villain.)

What’s more is that though the ‘trusted’ company was able to tell the devastated pair what hospital they could locate Winnie, they couldn’t even give any explanation of how their poor pooch got there or by whom.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Sara tells of the even further trouble Wag! put her through: “We went in and said goodbye. We asked them to cremate her and the whole time, Wag is saying they’d cover any and all costs.” However, the celebrity-endorsed “Uber for dog walking” company hoaxed them once again, this time with a non-disclosure agreement after sending in their receipt of $188.71 for the cost of Winnie’s cremation, stating that any reimbursements related to Winnie’s death would only happen under the condition that the Moores promised that they would zip their lips of any “negative or disparaging” comments “both orally, and in text, about the company, including on social media or online reviews,” according to NY Post.

As you might have predicted, the grieving couple declined to sign.

NY Post says that Wag! has been recently valued at $650 million and, ‘A spokesman for the company said the walker had “very high ratings” and no safety incidents but has since been suspended’ so you would think that putting your canine in their care would be harmless. Remember to think again. Read the full story on NY Post here.

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WAG, a $650 million company known as the ‘Uber’ for dog walking is responsible for lost and deceased dogs. Are we putting too much trust in complete strangers?

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