May the Force Be With You This June: Disney’s New ‘Star Wars’ Ride

The new ‘Star Wars’ ride at Disneyland is opening in June! Are you planning on checking it out?

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Brace your lightsabers—Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park land at Disneyland Resort will officially open this summer.

According to Travel + Leisure, a Barrons interview with The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger reveals that the theme park land at Disneyland Resort is a massive 14 acres and is yours for the exploring come June. Don’t worry they didn’t forget about Walt Disney World; they’re version will be located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida is said to open late fall of this year.

Get excited Star Wars fans, because it looks like an eye for great consideration and detail went into the making. The shops ad trading posts will be themed as “Star Wars” movie sets, and not only that, but Imagineers actually went to Morocco and Istanbul to ensure authentic detailing.

Will there be Stormtroopers? I thought Yoda never ask. Barrons also reveals that a predicted ‘hot-ticket item’ will be customizable droids, giving nearby Stormtroopers as an example.

And it doesn’t stop there — May the force be with you as you try to not completely geek out as you pilot the ‘fastest ship in the galaxy’; Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is anticipated to feel like the real thing, seating six passengers. Now, to really Leia it on you; how you fly the ship will affect the time you spend in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Ede land and your reputation (things are getting real!) According to Travel + Leisure, Barrons confirms that whether or not you pilot the Millennium Falcon ship superbly or perform below par will be known by all shopkeepers and citizens of Black Spire Outpost and affect the way you experience the rest of your time at the theme park.

Furthermore, Rise of the Resistance is the land’s second attraction that’s said to also open soon and Travel + Leisure are calling it “just as thrilling, if not more so.” (O-M-G or O-bi-Wan?) You can count on encounters with Kylo Ren, At-Ats, an army of fifty Stormtroopers, and to possibly escape from First Order denizens.

For all 21 + over, Oga’s Cantina will be open at both attractions as the first bar in Disneyland to sell alcohol. Your intergalactic cocktail just got a little more adventurous and exciting dear Jedi, but don’t worry, we won’t let on to Yoda that you might ‘crave these things.’

Let’s just call you Luke Skywalker, because clearly your head is already in the clouds. Read the full story on Travel + Leisure here.

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The new ‘Star Wars’ ride at Disneyland is opening in June! Are you planning on checking it out?

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