Talented French Chef Gilles Goujon’s Favorite Eateries in The City of Light


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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who make itineraries and those who don’t. There is nothing wrong with thinking ahead and making sure that you’ve compiled the ultimate travel plan, but sometimes locals know best. USA Today spoke with three Michelin-starred French chef Gilles Goujon, who shared his top picks for fine dining in France.

According to USA Today, Goujon, who hails from a small village in the south of France, describes his food as “simple.” He enjoys sharing stories about his passion for food and France and has decided to share his creations with the people of Paris at Astair, a French brasserie located inside the Passage des Panoramas.

When asked about his favorite eateries in Paris, Goujoun had a few unique spots on his list:

La Cantine du Troquet is a casual bistro by chef Christian Etchebest and, according to USA Today, doesn’t take reservations. The menu also changes regularly, depending on the whatever the kitchen feels like making – how spontaneous! Etchebest focuses on hearty dishes from the southwest region of France. He is apparently generous when it comes to portion size, so you certainly won’t leave hungry.

Goujon also mentioned Restaurant Kei, which is owned by Japanes-born Kei Kobayashi. Per USA Today, Kobayashi fell in love with French cuisine, moved to France and trained under Michelin-starred chefs. Today, his restaurant boasts two Michelin stars. Imagine French food with a Japanese twist!

L’Assiette in Montparnasse is another favorite, not just for Goujon but also for many Parisians, according to USA Today. Chef David Rathgeber serves French favorites, such as the cassoulet, a casserole dish with pork skin, duck confit, lamb neck and beans – a bold combination for bold foodies.

Michelin-starred and Legion of Honor-decorated chef Eric Fréchon gives French home cooking new life in his restaurant Lazare, according to USA today. He is a no-frills guy and serves classic comfort food, such as “Paris-Deauville,” a delightful soufflé that was named after a route to a resort in Normandy. Sounds dreamy…

Lastly, Goujon enjoys dining at Guy Savoy, chef Guy Savoy’s most decorated restaurant. Per USA Today, the restaurant earned its third Michelin star in 2002. Upon entering the space, you’ll see the words “Cooking is the art of instantly transforming products filled with history into joy.” Savoy is both an artist and a chef, using “old-school” techniques to deliver an unforgettable experience.

So, next time you decide to make a perfect itinerary for your trip abroad, make sure to leave some space for spontaneity. Ask a few locals about their favorite spots; you might just come across a hidden gem.

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