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The 35th International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China has begun. Would you want to see something like this?

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The extreme cold and snow are usually deterrents for many when it comes to outdoor activities that don’t involve snow sports. Not everyone is a fan of walking outside and having their bodies shivering and teeth clattering. But, if you are a fan of the cold, love traveling, and don’t mind visiting places with freezing temperatures, visiting the Heilongjiang Province in northern China may be just the place for you.

It hosts the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival which has been happening every winter since 1985 and is home to many snow and ice attractions that are pure spectacles to behold. This year it officially runs from January 5- February 5, although some parts of the park opened early.

Here is a video courtesy of ABC News to give you a taste of it:

Perhaps the most popular attraction of the festival- and most popular winter attraction in the world at that- is the Harbin Ice and Snow World.

Per CNN, it spans over 600,000 square meters, which comes out to more than roughly 6,458,346.25 square feet (over 148.26 acres or 0.23 square miles) and was made by ice blocks pulled from the not-too-distant Songhua River.

It is an exquisite theme park home to over 100 different landmarks that required 110,000 cubic meters of ice and 120,000 cubic meters of snow to be built. One can only imagine the time, skill, and manpower necessary to organize it all.

Also taking place in the Snow World is a sculpting competition among sculptors from 12 different countries whose work is also on display for visitors to check out. Entrance into Harbin Ice and Snow World vary depending on age, but the most one would have to spend to get in is $30.

But beyond the unique visual spectacle that the illuminated ice and snow statues/palaces serve as (check out pictures from 2018 via The Guardian here and from this year, courtesy of The Atlantic, here), there are various other cultural events and snow sports to partake in- free or of cost- until the end of February.

You can go on tours, watch different performances, visit art expos and trade fairs, or take a trip to a ski resort or a snow park. There’s also the opportunity to check out 2,019 snowmen of different shapes and sizes built along the Songhua River. In addition, there are hockey and curling tournaments going on during the festival.

And these are just some of the countless things to do. For more information, you can visit the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival’s official website at

And to read more about this, you can check it out at CNN here.

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The 35th International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China has begun. Would you want to see something like this?

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