Trump’s Plan B: “Wall Bonds”

Should President Trump propose issuing “wall bonds,” to pay for the wall?

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The President has yet to be successful in getting the greenlight from Congress that US national security needs a new wall built, so what’s plan B?

According to CNN, Trump should be considering options that do not depend upon the use of pre-existing taxpayer money, or that he should turn to the American people directly for a solution.

CNN suggests the issuing of government-issued debt securities called “wall bonds.” During the early 20th century, presidents like Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt found success raising funds for national emergency programs by rallying the public through issuing bonds and imposing higher taxes during World War I and World War II. Like Churchill recalling George Santayana, “Those who fail to learn from history…” Perhaps the solution here lies in the tactic ‘monkey see monkey do.’

Trump’s gotten the full attention of at least one member of the American public: Brian Kolfage, an Iraq War veteran. From GoFundMe to the wall, $20 million crawl, well, almost–Kolfage motioned a fundraiser through GoFundMe with a goal amount of $1 billion to support the building of the wall. However, only $20 million was raised, so he is said to be returning all the monies. But, Kolfage isn’t stopping there; he’s since birthed a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization called We Build the Wall, Inc. that accepts private donations for the cause. A recent CNN poll reveals 56% of voters are against the wall, while only 39% are for it.

If the wall bonds campaign is launched and the public agrees, the funding will come. If not, we may be onto plan C. Read the full story on CNN here.

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Should President Trump propose issuing “wall bonds,” to pay for the wall?

78% Y- public will pay
22% N- won’t have support
75% Y- public will pay
25% N- won’t have support
82% Y- public will pay
18% N- won’t have support

Y- public will pay

N- won’t have support

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