Federal Government Workers Plead to Return to Work

Do you live paycheck to paycheck? The partial government shutdown is forcing many Americans to face this reality. 

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The government is at a standoff and so is the world for anyone who works for it.

According to USA Today, federal government workers are pleading to return to work with the partial government shutdown going on its third week

There are 800,000 civilian federal employees, and almost half of them are unable to return to work (that’s almost half a million people!) As for the other couple hundred thousand employees, they’re not completely out of the woods–they won’t be getting paid until the impasse has reached a conclusion.

Federal employees go with “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” approach deciding to protest outside the White House holding various signs that say, “Let me work for the people,” “We want to work,” and “Trump: End shutdown.”

Horatio Fenton works for the IRS and traveled from Philadelphia to be present at the rally. Fenton expresses his concern openly: “I don’t know where the next paycheck is coming from,” he says. “I have a mortgage. I have regular, everyday expenses, so I’m very concerned right now.”

Others are also open to speaking out about how the government standstill is affecting them. Leisyka Lee, a single mom living in Arcata, California, shares her grief: “I live paycheck to paycheck,” and “I earn a living wage when I work. I love my job, and I just want to get back to work.” Lee has worked for the Bureau of Land Management for 17 years.

Carl Houtman from Madison, Wisconsin has committed 21 years of his life working for the Forest Service. He expresses his pain being the primary bread winner for his family of four that includes providing for two college students (financial aid or financial crisis), “This is absolutely the worst time of year to miss a paycheck.” Houtman continues saying, “Guess what happens this time of year: tuition bills, property tax, Christmas credit cards.” And it doesn’t end there: Houtman says neighbors brought food from their freezer to help support his family, “We are not that desperate yet, but we took the food.”

But despite the levels of desperation, the fiasco continues to loom with no end in sight—Trump is in no hurry to put any of the workers’ minds at ease: USA Today says that Trump is willing to continue the shutdown for an entire year in an effort for Democrats to comply with his whopping $5.7 billion request to fund a border wall.

‘Happy New Year’ or ‘Happy Halloween’, because it seems this is getting a little scary. Read the full story on USA Today here.

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Do you live paycheck to paycheck? The partial government shutdown is forcing many Americans to face this reality.

32% Yes, unfortunately
68% No, have a cushion
32% Yes, unfortunately
68% No, have a cushion
31% Yes, unfortunately
69% No, have a cushion

Yes, unfortunately

No, have a cushion

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