Pucker up, Hershey’s Has a New Kiss

Attn! Hershey’s Kisses is coming out with Lava Cake Kisses. Would you want to try these?

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Hershey’s loves us; it loves us not – oh wait, it definitely loves us! Hershey’s has introduced a brand new seasonal flavor for the first time in ten years (say what?!): Lava Cake Kisses.

According to Delish, Hershey’s describes these little delights as “the perfect indulgent treat for your partner, best friend, and even yourself!” Is it just me, or do you hear Ed Sheeran love songs playing in the background?

Delish says that on the Kisses bag itself are the words “dark chocolate with a gooey chocolate center.” This may just be the best biography to go down in candy history. I wonder if Willy Wonka knows about this.

Again, these little babies are only in stores for a limited time and are retailing for only $3.89. So, get your paws on as many as you can before the clock strikes midnight and before it’s back to pumpkins and hoping you wake up to see that small rodents have sewn you some new digs for the weekend again.

Read the full story on Delish here.

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Attn! Hershey’s Kisses is coming out with Lava Cake Kisses. Would you want to try these?

46% Need them all
54% Rather have cake
49% Need them all
51% Rather have cake
39% Need them all
61% Rather have cake

Need them all

Rather have cake

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