Have We Finally Found a Cure for the Hangover?

Pedialyte for adults! They’re out with a new “dehydration cure,” which has more electrolytes and less sugar than other sports drinks. Which is the better hangover cure?

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Finding a legitimate hangover cure to help recover from a heavy night of drinking has been one of humankind’s greatest endeavors. It may be an exaggerated claim, but hangovers are undoubtedly a big part of being an adult, and you can bet anyone would pay to make them go away.

You decide to go out or have a get-together at home with friends/family, and next thing you know, you’ve downed a few drinks. Once you start, it’s hard to stop – especially when your peers continue drinking.

Then BAM! The next day, you wake up with a combination of symptoms: a massive headache, the urge to vomit, extreme tiredness, lack of appetite, body shivers or any other uncomfortable feeling. It hits everyone differently.

The hard part is dealing with the hangover, and finding the right ingredients to aid in the recovery process can be difficult. There are cures to common illnesses, so why can’t we find one for drinking too much (other than the simple solution of cutting down on the drinks)?

According to Stanford University’s Office of Alcohol Policy and Education, the most significant reason for a hangover is dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, which causes our body to shed water. The more fluids we lose the more dehydrated we become, resulting in a chemical imbalance. Per Abbott, the manufacturer of Pedialyte, “losing water also means losing electrolytes – essential minerals like sodium and potassium that are responsible for maintaining proper fluid levels in your body, balancing your blood’s pH levels, and firing signals to your nerves and muscles.”

The obvious solution seems to be rehydration, which is why so many people turn to sports drinks; however, according to Abbott, the leading sports drinks are higher in sugar and lower in sodium and can make dehydration worse.

And now, Pedialyte – the drink previously only intended for young children – is trying to stake their claim as the go-to hangover cure for adults.

This electrolyte-filled drink has been viewed as a kids-only drink for over 50 years, but it has become increasingly popular among hard-drinking adults, according to the New York Post. So, it’s no surprise the company is attempting to capitalize on the opportunity.

Per the New York Post, Pedialyte is promoting new powdered juice packets available in grape or cherry. It will “help prevent dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhea, exercise, travel, and heat exhaustion.” The company doesn’t directly mention Pedialyte’s hangover-curing properties on its Twitter account, but it does mention that it is “not just for kids” and is “the secret to advance rehydration.”

Pedialyte claims to have double the number of electrolytes and less sugar than sports drinks. “There’s a reason so many turn to Pedialyte when they need help hydrating – it works,” Jennifer Williams, a research scientist at Abbott who specializes in hydration, claims. “Pedialyte is so effective because the levels of electrolytes and carbohydrate are optimal for rehydration.”

So, it seems the cure for a hangover may be as simple as drinking a glass of “Adult” Pedialyte. Read more about this on the New York Post here.

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Pedialyte for adults! They’re out with a new “dehydration cure,” which has more electrolytes and less sugar than other sports drinks. Which is the better hangover cure?

53% Pedialyte
47% Gatorade
56% Pedialyte
44% Gatorade
47% Pedialyte
53% Gatorade



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