Top Fashion Trends we Said Goodbye to in 2018

What do you think was the worst fashion trend of 2018?

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When it comes to fashion, there are truly no limits. Fashion is art, and art is fashion. But sometimes fashion trends tend to run a bit too wild.

Here are some, indeed, strange fashion trends of 2018, according to the NY Post.

Tiny sunglasses — Whoever tried this trend probably realized how uncomfortable it must’ve been for the actors of 1999’s The Matrixor Luc Besson’s Leon the Professional (1994). Those actors were running around and being all action-y too, and yet most can’t spend a couple minutes in them.

The New York Post calls them, “sun protection for ants,” and rightfully so. Rihanna, Gigi and Bella Hadid have all sported these awkward miniature sunnies.

Designers Adam Selman and Stella McCartney were popular picks among celebrities for these shades. But we’re not convinced these itty-bitty shades are one bit practical.

Loincloth bikinis — 2018 gave a new life to the “tanga” bikini bottom from the 1980s. If you don’t remember what those are, then imagine an adjustable, ruched, drawstring type of tiny bottoms. Model and swimsuit designer, Emily Ratajkowski, was the one who brought them back, fortunately or unfortunately for some.

The bikini set honestly does look like “front wedgie” as the NY Post cleverly noted. Who would want to splash around and sunbathe in that? Any takers?

Dad sneakers — These sneaks are the definition of unhip, hence the term dad sneakers. Yet, celebs like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber have taken on this strange and retro trend in 2018.

They’re puffy, they’re padded and they’re lace-ups… what could be worse? From pairs by Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga going for $800 and up, one thing to remember is that they’re inspired by down-to-earth dads, and we guess that’s one good thing about this trend.

Scumbro style — The year of 2018 sadly brought a new word into fashion terminology. According to the NY Post, the term “scumbro” refers to a guy who “rocks oversized, flashy, often neon logowear, and then balances it out with messy hair and weird, cheap accessories.” One celeb bro that comes to mind is of course Justin Bieber. Have you seen his getups in 2018? Yeah, it’s bad.

Diplo and Jonah Hill are also in the scumbro family, apparently. Hopefully 2019 brings more classier trends.

Fanny packs — The summer of 2018 made us think we were back in the 1980s to be honest; fanny packs everywhere. Why? We don’t know. Perhaps there was something nostalgic in the air or perhaps it’s just bad taste.

Despite it all, stars Cara Delevigne, Kate Bosworth and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been spotted in awkward waist wallets, crafted by Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Even some men gave this trend a go, such as rapper A$AP Rocky. He sported a cross-slung version of the fanny pack, positioning it diagonally across the chest.

Lampshading — Ariana Grande is perhaps the queen of this 2018 trend. Back when she was with Pete Davidson, we’d see paparazzi snaps of her in oversized hoodies and sweaters with some thigh-high boots.

According to the source, the word “lampshading” stands for the styling of a giant top with long, sleek boots. Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and others have all tried out this look. We can’t help but notice that it’s missing just one thing. Some bottoms, maybe?

From dad sneaks to fanny packs to itty-bitty specs, which trend was the worst of 2018? Read more about this story on the NY Post here.

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What do you think was the worst fashion trend of 2018?

61% Tiny sunglasses
39% Dad sneakers
65% Tiny sunglasses
35% Dad sneakers
54% Tiny sunglasses
46% Dad sneakers

Tiny sunglasses

Dad sneakers

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