LA’s Most Disgusting Food Museum

LA has a Disgusting Food Museum featuring 80 gross delicacies like fruit bat soup and canned pig brains – with a tasting bar. Would you want to check this out?

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Los Angeles is known as a celebrity hot spot, with its Hollywood Walk of Fame, fun nightlife, world-famous restaurants and now, its gross food? Los Angeles opened its first ever Disgusting Food Museum! Only available until February 17th, this large hall in L.A.’s Arts District provides an appalling array of offensive food (tasting bar and barf bag included). Sam West, the curator of the exhibit, has already opened this show in Malmo, Sweden. He confesses that while he hasn’t thrown up yet, 11 people have already used the barf bags and the rest just run. Just how bad could this food be?

There is a total of 80 “repulsive delicacies” from all across the globe. The food ranges from roasted guinea pig (a celebrated delicacy in Peru), bull penis, roast sheep’s head, fish-sperm sushi, fruit bat soup and canned pig brains. The exhibit also includes strong-smelling cheeses, veggies and fruit, particularly the durian. Durian is the “king of fruit” which according to the Smithsonian Magazine, has a smell of “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.” Hungry yet?

So where do they find all these yummy treats? USA Today reports that a lot of the food comes from Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. American food also has a strong presence in the exhibit, even though we might find the food delicious. For example, Twinkies, Pop-Tarts, root beer and spam are despised by many Northern Europeans but are loved here. One surprising addition to the list from America is canned pig brains, which are actually a Southern delicacy.

Is there a lesson to be learned from this? Curator West says yes! “I want people to leave the Disgusting Food Museum with a more open mind,” he said. “Disgust is culturally conditioned.” West argues that disgust is only an emotion built in your head and varies by each country.

So, keep an open mind and a hungry tummy! The idea of consuming a certain food might be more revolting than the actual taste. I guess we’ll never know until we try. For $15 per ticket, you can experience the exhibit yourself and taste the most shocking food from around the world. Are you up for the challenge? Read the full story from USA Today here.

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LA has a Disgusting Food Museum featuring 80 gross delicacies like fruit bat soup and canned pig brains – with a tasting bar. Would you want to check this out?

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