J-Lo is Back and Better with New Rom-Com ‘Second Act’

J-Lo’s new movie ‘Second Act’ is her first romantic comedy since 2012. Are you going to check it out?

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Calling all hopeless romantics! There’s a new movie in theaters and it has the potential to be the best rom-com since “The Wedding Planner.” Do we have your attention yet? “Second Act” is J-Lo’s first romantic comedy in six years, so we can only assume it will be an amazing return to the big screen.

In this rom-com, Lopez plays the character of Maya, a hard-working woman who tries moving into management after working at a big-box store for decades, only to be told she isn’t “the best man for the job.”

Lopez told NY Post that she felt an instant connection to the role.

“I always felt like I was this little girl with her nose pressed up against the glass looking at this city and all the stuff that was out there – but The Bronx seemed so small. That was gonna be my whole life,” she said.

Despite her doubts, J-Lo went on to have an impressive career, starring in top box office movies and making chart-topping music.

“Everybody was like, ‘She can’t sing. She can’t dance. She can’t act. She’s just a really pretty face or her butt is big,’ or whatever they were saying about me,” Lopez explained. “I started thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s true,’ and it really hurt me for a long time. Despite the hurt and the pain, I just kept going. I just couldn’t allow myself to let that become who I was.”

If ‘Second Act’ is anything like the other rom-com’s J-Lo has starred in before, it will definitely be worth a watch. Are you going to check it out? Read more about this on NY Post here.

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J-Lo’s new movie ‘Second Act’ is her first romantic comedy since 2012. Are you going to check it out?

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