Releasing an Injured Blue Jay: Troy Tulowitzki

The Toronto Blue Jays released Troy Tulowitzki after multiple injuries. Do you think another team will pick him up?

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A series of unfortunate events for short-stop Troy Tulowitzki ended with his release from the Blue Jays. The 34-year-old Tulowitzki has been in and out of surgeries since his last game on July 28, 2017. The New York Post reports that he sprained his ankle and suffered ligament damage “trying to beat out a ground ball.” He underwent surgery in the offseason but required another surgery in April of 2018 due to bone spurs in his heels. Tulowitzki was out for the entire 2018 season, missing eight of the past nine games. Apparently, the Blue Jays couldn’t wait any longer.

According to ESPN, Troy Tulowitzki had two years and $38 million left on his Blue Jay contract when they released him. He was supposed to be ready for spring training in 2019, but the Jays just paid Tulowitzki the $38 million instead of keeping him for the upcoming season. The Blue Jays are instead looking at Bo Bichette Jr. to take the injured player’s place.

Is this it for Tulowitzki? Or does he still have a future in baseball?

His agent, Paul Cohen, sounds optimistic. He told The Athletic, “If they are really going to go with young guys next year, it’s best to give Troy the opportunity now to seek out the best situation. In that regard, we’re very grateful to both [Blue Jays president and CEO Mark Shapiro] and [general manager] Ross Atkins. They could have made a decision in the spring, but it would be a much bigger challenge then vs. now, when not a lot of offseason has taken place.”

Over his 12 seasons in MLB, ESPN reports that Tulowitzki has a .290 average, 224 home runs, 779 RBIs and .856 OPS. His skill in the game has earned him two Gold Glove awards, so there is no doubt in his talent as a shortstop. But through seven straight seasons, he has missed at least 30 games. Will we ever see him play again? Read the full story from ESPN here.

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The Toronto Blue Jays released Troy Tulowitzki after multiple injuries. Do you think another team will pick him up?

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