Hangxiety is Real and You’ve Probably Experienced It

Hangxiety: Waking up after a night of drinking, worrying about what you said and did. Have you ever experienced this?

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Have you ever had a long night of drinking and woke up the next morning anxiously questioning what you did? Per New York Post, this feeling, which some of us have probably experienced once or twice, has a name: hangxiety. Hangxiety occurs when you become fearful of what you did after a night of drinking. When the events of the night are hazy or hard to remember, this fearful feeling can skyrocket, resulting in intense worry and anxiety about what exactly happened.

Although this can happen to anyone, shy people are more likely to experience hangxiety, according to a new study from University College in London, published in JAMA Network Open. The study took note of 97 people’s shyness and phobia levels and asked some of them to drink and some to abstain from drinking alcohol. The researchers found that shyer individuals also experienced more anxiety after drinking.

“A significant increase in anxiety the day following drinking was observed in highly shy participants,” Beth Marsh, a research assistant in the Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology at the university, reported.

Professor Celia Morgan from the University of Exeter explained, “We know that many people drink to ease anxiety felt in social situations, but this research suggests that this might have profound consequences the next day, with more shy individuals more likely to experience this, sometimes debilitating, aspect of hangover.”

New York Post suggests a few tips to get through hangxiety:

  1. Go gently – Avoid confrontations. Watch a movie or go for a walk to clear your mind. If you think you said or did something that hurt someone else, apologize.
  2. Plan better next time – If hangxiety is a common occurrence, plan better to avoid it next time. Give yourself a curfew or drink limit.

Do you ever experience hangxiety? Read more about this on New York Post here.

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Hangxiety: Waking up after a night of drinking, worrying about what you said and did. Have you ever experienced this?

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